You’re Not Too Old to Follow Your Dreams

You’re Never Too Old To Follow Your Dreams


One of my biggest passions growing up was playing sports- basketball in particular. I remember in grade school gym class we had to shoot free throws and my gym teacher commented on how good I was at that. I suppose that encouragement helped me choose that path years later. When I was out there playing, the whole world disappeared and my full attention was on doing my best and having fun.

I played on and off as an adult in recreational leagues, even when the twins were babies and I’d bring them their double stroller so they could watch. The last team I played for in Charlotte, NC was pretty good, but during that time I was going through emotional upheaval and there was one particular person on the team who was overly competitive and had no problem taking her frustrations out on me. This did not suit my confidence well at the time.

Coming out of retirement

I ended up retiring from basketball when I turned 40. At 45 I moved to Louisiana and began to miss playing ball, so I started getting out there on the court practicing once again. The passion was very much alive, so I decided to set a goal and play one more season of basketball. I began training, got on team, and last week was my first game.

I must say for my age I held up very well with those youngsters. I played about half the game and was very pleased with my performance. I was proud of myself for setting this goal and accomplishing it. My intent is to play with huge confidence and have fun.

Life after 40 can be amazing!

I say all this to say that you’re not too old to follow your dreams. How many women in their 40’s (or men) will get out there, get in shape, and pursue their passions? Not that many, but the truth is that they can. You can.

What dreams have you put on the shelf? What stirs your heart with passion and zeal? I’m not just talking sports here. I’m talking about anything.

Maybe you’ve wanted to start a new business or change careers. Maybe you’ve wanted to get to the gym for a while now and get in shape. Or perhaps you’ve been putting off traveling or going on mini adventures.

What are your dreams?

Whatever your dreams are, know that you can pursue them. If you need help, ask. I use motivational videos and audios to keep me pumped up. It certainly helps. I also pay attention to what I’m dreaming about during sleep, as there are plenty of hidden messages in them.

You may need a life coach or read books that help you create momentum. Whatever it is you need, go ahead and do it. You’re worth it!

Life isn’t about doing. I get that. It’s more about learning and being, but if you have it in your heart to do something, I say just get up and go for it. Step by step. Day by day.

I’ve learned that talent is great, but hard work is better. Give me someone whose got heart and passion over talent, because you can have the most talented athlete, but if they aren’t willing to work hard, if they don’t have grit, they’ll flounder. They’ll flake. They’ll not be at their best.

I’m excited about this year’s basketball season and about life in general. It feels amazing to pursue what feels good. It feels super good to be emotionally stable and happy and that, my friends, took some deep inner work.

My hope is that you will be inspired to start looking at what dreams you have put on the shelf.

It’s time to dust them off and get busy pursuing them.