Getting Older? Your Confidence May Be Connected To Colors In Your Wardrobe

Dear Maturing Woman: Your Confidence May Be Linked To Colors In Your Wardrobe

I think I’ve always gone for the grays and blacks on the clothing racks, mainly because these colors helped me blend in with the crowd. To wear a bright color kind of freaked me out, thinking I’d get people staring and pointing at me.

Yes, I know this is a bit self-centered, because today I realize not as many people are really interested in what color I’m wearing.

Still, today I find reaching for the bold colors can bring up some anxiety if I’m not consciously remembering, “Oh yeah, I can wear whatever the heck I want. No big deal.”

If there’s one thing fashion experts will tell you is that there is a connection between self-confidence and color.  Those that wear vibrant, bright colors tend to have more confidence in themselves. I’m not saying they’re all expressing themselves in a healthy way. Let’s not be so naive as to think some aren’t colorizing to draw attention to themselves – ultimately, in an attempt to feel worthy. (More on that in another post.)

One reason I became more interested in stepping out of my comfort zone was because I saw my twin daughters in their mid-20’s wearing pretty much all grey and black shirts. Playing it safe. I’d heard both of them say they wanted to wear more stylish or bold clothes, but struggled to make it happen.

I’m a tomboy at heart, or as I like to call it, a “gentlewoman”. But who says tomboys can’t be stylish and wear bright colors? No one.

I find it interesting to observe some older women go from wearing sleek, stylish, bright clothing to dull colors that blend in. They reach for the neutral instead of the sexy pink or sunny yellow.  Why is this?

Is their self-confidence waning?

Color is Powerful

The reality is that color is powerful. We have so many amazing colors in this world!  Don’t you just feel fantastic when you see a gorgeous sunrise or sunset with its mesmerizing colors?  A variety of flowers? Color is so powerful the ancient medicine men and women would use it as a tool in their healing bag.  This is literally why you’ll feel happier in a bright, yellow room over a dull, grey room.

Pop Some Color In Your Wardrobe

It wasn’t easy for me to pop some color in my wardrobe, but it felt good to actually do it.  You don’t have to go all out and only wear colorful clothes if you’re not comfortable.  Just throw on some color now and then so you can get used to it. Or, accessorize with some color, such as a scarf, bag, shoes, and jewelry. Don’t worry about whether you’re in style. If YOU like it, wear it. After all, we’re at ages where we should give a lick what others are thinking about our wardrobe!

Be confident in what you’re wearing!

We’d love to hear from you.  What colors are you wearing? How do they make you feel? Where do you draw your inspiration from? Post your comment below.