Guidelines For Submissions


Yes, we welcome submissions. Please send your article, story, or poem for review.

It’s fairly simple.  We’d love to post your genuine work. Please do not send articles or poems that have been published elsewhere, not even your own blog.

  • Send your work as an attachment (Microsoft Word would be wonderful), a short bio with link, and a headshot. Please keep articles in the range of 400 to 1400 words.

We will respond to you upon receiving your request. Should you get the “Yes, we will publish” response, your guest post will go up most likely within one week. Please keep in mind the editors are fast, but not superheroes. We will certainly get to your polished piece.

Also, understand that we are seeking authors and writers that share the same mission and purpose as Rediscovering Sacredness.

Before submitting, ask yourself?

  • Does your submission encourage men and women who have or are struggling with life, spiritual, codependency or relationship problems?
  • Do you share your epic story of trials and triumph?
  • Does it add value to humanity in any way?
  • Is it relevant to helping others grow and evolve? Be more accepting of themselves?

If we politely decline your submission, please do not take it personal. It’s not personal. We will either ask for some editing or ask for a different piece with a different theme. No hard feelings. We’ve all been there.

What are you waiting for?

Send your prized piece to: