What is Energy Healing?

 The Basics of Energy Healing

energy healing

There’s a lot of information out there on energy healing, and some of it may be confusing. Here, I’ve sourced trusted information and used my own experiences to help you understand how energy healing works. It’s a short guide designed to assist you in getting started with energy healing, so you can make positive changes in your life, as well as others.

As someone who assists in healing, I believe it’s helpful to understand the various levels of healing mentally, emotionally, and physically. The first thing to understand is that EVERYTHING is energy at the core and all types of healing are influenced by energy in some fashion. In fact, there are many methods of healing that focus on the mind, body, and spirit, but do not recognize or understand the energy underlying it all.

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a branch of alternative medicine that asserts that a person (healer) can be a vessel to assist in healing and in essence, channel healing power (or energy) into another person.  It is also known as energy medicine, energy therapy, or spiritual healing.

Our bodies are connected to the energy of the Universe, and as such, we’re sort of like rechargeable batteries. The Universe is a massive electrical system and the Earth is right smack in the center; both giving us energy that can help heal the mind and body.

Think of it this way. You get up in the morning and move because you have energy. Well, food certainly gives energy to the body, but so does the Earth and the Universe. It’s simply the laws of the Universe.

Energy healing has been around forever

Energy healing has been around since the beginning of time, as men and women used their hands to transmit healing power from their “source” (God, Source, Infinite Wisdom, etc.) to the person seeking healing. 

Today you will find energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Qigong, therapeutic touch, biofield healing, and more.  For the religious, this is termed faith healing. As you can see, many people from various backgrounds believe that there is a Universal Source of healing power available to tap into and that Source we can channel into others for their emotional and physical benefit.

Energy is everywhere

If you get right down to the core of everything, all that exists is energy.  Everything is energy and everything is connected. This is an important truth to realize!

The chair you’re sitting in, the jeans you’re wearing, and even your thoughts- they are energy! Actually, your thoughts are very powerfully energetically. Negative thoughts produce negative emotions, which can certainly affect the way we live our lives. On the other hand, positive thoughts can produce positive emotions, which can affect our lives as well.

Take a look at your hand. You might see the physical matter, but if you could see right down to the genetic makeup, you would see vibrating energy.  Tiny, little atoms that are moving at a slow speed.

You might have forgotten about Einstein since the high school days, but his E= MC2 means that “energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.” Essentially, that means that matter is simply a different form of energy. So when you look around at the physical world, you see “things”, but really every one of those things is just a bunch of vibrating atoms.

How does this knowledge help us out? It means that we ought to change our perception of reality, because we have been taught to think that we are separate from the spiritual world. God is “out there” somewhere and we must call Him down. This is not the case. God (or Spirit, Source, Universal Mind, Energy, etc.) is not “out there”, but EVERYWHERE and that includes within the very fabric of our beings.

The flow of energy

As an Energy Healer, I believe that the flow of energy can help a person’s body facilitate healing. Sure, we’re comprised of flesh – organs, systems, cells, etc.  However, the physical body that we see isn’t the whole story.

In fact, if you study the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) model that was created thousands of years ago, you’ll see that “the ancients” saw the body made up of energy – more specifically energy chakra vortexes and a meridian system.

In more modern times, science backs this up, with physics claiming that energy makes up everything!  And hey, the medical field is paying attention, with hundreds of hospitals in the United States now using Reiki (a great energy healing modality) for patients!

I love to hear of the ancient wisdom and today’s beliefs aligning!

When you touch something, a transfer of energy occurs

If everything is energy, it only makes sense that when you touch something, a transfer of energy occurs.  If you touch a chair, for example, energy tranference happens. This means that some of your energy is tranferred to the chair and some of that chair’s energy is transferred to us. This goes for when you touch people, food, the steering wheel, and so on. The reason we don’t realize this is because our minds are not adept at processing fast moving energy. 

We are all One. We are all connected. This is a common teaching in many religions. Why is it important that we are all One? Is there a grand purpose? Well, if we are all connected, what one person thinks and does actually has an effect on everyone else. You might not realize that, but it is true.

For example, your emotions are simply varying frequencies of energy and as you express them, those frequencies affect those around you.  I’m sure you’ve been in the presence of someone who is full of negative energy and you wanted nothing more than to get away from them as fast as you could.  Those negative vibes affect others, as there is an interconnectedness in life that we take for granted.

This is one reason I am so passionate about energy healing for those who struggle with negative emotions. The woman suffering from anger, depression, and fear not only lives in her own emotional torment, but those around her are affected by those negative vibrations of energy. (Even babies in the womb.)

The fearful, angry mother might not ever actually say anything negative to her baby, but bet and believe that baby is being affected by that negative energy.  The hurting partner full of old wounds might not be lashing out at his partner, but bet and believe the partner feels that energy one way or another. 

Vibes matter.

Listen to what David Cameron says about energy:

“Science shows us that everything is made up of energy and exchanges that with everything else at all times in a most complex way. It is the building block of all matter. The same energy that composes your flesh is the same one that composes the bricks of your house and the trees outside. It is all the same. It is constantly at flow, changing form all the time. This is a very simple explanation of a rather complex thing.”

Energy blocks

So, if we’re made up of energy vibrating as electromagnetic waves, what’s the big deal? Why is this important to know?

Well, as human beings, we can experience energy blocks, which can in turn manifest as emotional or physical issues.  Things like anxiety, depression, sickness, disease, fear, chronic stress syndrome, PTSD, insomnia, and so on.

Let’s not pretend we don’t live in a hectic society that’s full of stressed out, frazzled people.  All that stress can certainly disrupt the energy field, causing blocks.

Now, good news is that more and more research is indicating that by using energy as a healing modality, and the body’s innate inclination to heal itself, more people are experiencing positive results. That may be experiencing less stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, illness, or it may mean feeling more energetic, sleeping better, learning how to foster healing in oneself, and so on.

The body is more than just physical

When you realize that your body is made up of more than just what you can see with your physical eyes, you can begin to understand that self-care requires more than just fine-tuning the flesh. Of course, eating nourishing foods and exercising regularly is helpful, and necessary, but neglecting mental or emotional stresses can put a strain on the energy body, and that will eventually affect the physical body, so focus on both.

With energy healing help, you can essentially have energy blocks cleared up, so your energy can flow nicely, helping you feel better all the way around.

Past trauma, abuse, wounds

While journeying on this planet, each person is sure to experience things that cause them emotional pain, obviously some more than others. Those past childhood traumas, neglect, abuse, wounds, breakups, divorce, etc., those affect your energetic body. The thoughts and beliefs you pick up at the subconscious level during those times play like a CD in your energy field over and over, and can certainly cause mental, emotional, or physical distress.

All of those can cause your energetic body to fill up like a balloon, and over time, unless you work through them, that balloon will continue to fill, which won’t feel great, and may even bust open. (Like it did for me when I hit my emotional breakdown in my mid 30’s.)

However, a great way to clear those energy blocks or simply allow that trapped energy to dissolve is to try various energy healing modalities, so that you can heal and integrate that pent-up energy.

And, continue to do so moving forward in life, rather than stuffing negative emotions, or numbing or escaping them through self-medication.

When you aim to stay spiritually balanced, you’ll simply enjoy life more. You’ll be able to relax more and live in the present moment, rather than regret the past or fear the future. You’ll be able to look at life with a better perspective, one that is far less stressed or negative.

How to get started in energy healing

There are many energy healing modalities, which is a good thing. Healing isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, as we’re all so unique.  To begin removing energy blocks, take some time to learn a little about energy healing modalities.

Energy healers call themselves all sorts of things, including Reiki practitioners, Shamanic healers, energy medicine practitioners, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc. There are healers who use crystals to amplify healing, tarot cards to assist in healing, shamans who use rituals and ceremony, and so much more.

“Energy work is priceless. It makes every day extraordinary and transforms the mundane to the holy.” Silvia Hartmann

Get started with meditation

A great way to begin your own journey toward healing is to begin practicing meditation, as it is a wonderful tool to journey inside, quiet the mind, and get more acquainted with yourself as a spirit and develop a closer connection with God.

Natural, energetic healing is a beautiful way to refresh, rejuvenate, relax, cultivate peace and joy, and heal mind, body, and spirit.

Holistic means “whole”. Treating the mind, body, and spirit.  As an Energy Practitioner, my passion is to utilize various energy healing techniques, proper nutrition, spiritual guidance, and other alternative healing modalities to bring harmony and wellness to our energy system.

Energy healing can help you get free from old wounds you’ve been carrying, revive your worn out self, give you fresh inspiration, and raise your energetic vibration significantly so that you can attract what it is you REALLY want in your life!

After all, don’t we all want to live a joyous, peaceful, exciting, and healthy life

Make an energy shift

“You are responsible for the energy that you create for yourself, and you’re responsible for the energy that you bring to others.” Oprah