What is Consciousness Engineering and What Can It Do For You?

What is Consciousness Engineering and What Can It Do For You?

For those who want to become more conscious, learning about conscious engineering may just help you out.  As you can guess, conscious engineering is about creating the kind of consciousness that you desire. It’s about making your reality as you want it. Just like an engineer designs and builds a bridge to his specifications, you can design and build your life to your specifications.

Doesn’t that just sound lovely?

Granted, it’s not as easy as the law of attraction makes it out to be. Yet, it is indeed the law of attraction at work, as that’s one of the 7 (or more) Universal Laws.

Conscious engineering is simply another way to talk about changing or growing our consciousness.

Reality Is Changeable

You’ve probably grown up thinking that your reality is not changeable. That you’re stuck living in whatever type of situation you’re in. 

That kind of thinking stinks. Sure, sometimes it takes time to create different circumstances/emotions/etc., but the truth is that we have some influence over our reality.

After all, many experts and gurus say that reality is just an illusion that you continue to believe is true. Some even say it’s a holographic universe. The deeper you go down the conscious rabbit hole, the more you start shaking your head, like, “Wow. This really could be true!”

I will say that when you really get this understanding deep in your mind and heart, you will have the power to change your reality; your life. The great news is that it won’t take decades to do so. In fact, many people are changing their realties more quickly than they could imagine when they do it from a higher perspective.

We Are Infinite Potential

When you understand conscious engineering, you will understand that you are infinite potential. You are potentiality. Essence. Birthed from a Divine Intelligence that believes in you, loves you, and is rooting for you to remember who you truly are.

You have so much potential that if you could wrap your brain around it, you might just jump and dance with excitement all around your yard. Or neighborhood. Or strolling down the aisles at your local stores.   

Good news is that you can. When you seriously journey within to encounter your divine essence and your Creator, you start getting revelation of just who and what you are. What your potential is here and beyond. What the answers are to the most important questions here in this reality:

Who am I? Why am I here? What should I do?

The key is to believe that you really can change your reality. You really are the master blueprint of your life. You really can create amazing desires and watch them manifest right before your eyes, granted you’re doing your inner healing work (or have done the brunt of it).

How awesome would it be to consciously engineer an life marked with peace and joy and teach your family and friends to do the same? You could be the catalyst of change for your entire lineage!

Un-Program And Then Reprogram

The first thing you must do when it comes to conscious engineering is to de-program yourself.  What you’ve been taught in life thus far – well, much of it –has limited you. You were taught in school to study hard, go to college, have a family and all will be well. That you’ll be happy.

But the problem is that doing all those things does not equal happiness or even success for that matter. I’ll be the first to say school taught me nothing about dealing with childhood wounds or later trauma. How about navigating relationships? Divorce? Grief?

Western society largely teaches us to look “out there” for happiness.  But that only leads to temporary hits of dopamine that leave us empty. There’s a real need for us to re-program the brain with a new set of consciousness laws, or the new sciences.

Commit to The Practice of Meditation

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of meditation, but those that are driven to really be the engineers of their consciousness are taking meditation to new levels. They understand that meditation is more than just feeling peaceful. The conscious state that meditation can put you in is so powerful! It can not only relieve stress, but it can give you a super boost when it comes to creativity, productivity, favor, and intuition. 

Those that are creating and experiencing fruitful lives affirm that meditation, contemplation, and prayer have been their ticket to such.  You might think working harder and longer is your ticket to freedom; they assert that meditation is the fastest way to creating the life they desire.  Things like peace, contentment, joy, freedom, love, and compassion. It is through meditation that they tap into a supernatural realm that helps them to become more conscious, free, and blissful.

How Conscious Engineering Can Help You

It’s time to take your meditation to a new level. It’s time to become the engineer of your life and not only grow in consciousness, but co-create a wonderful life on this earth.  Commit to daily meditation. If you don’t know how, do some reading on it. Practice. Be committed.

Become a spiritually minded person so you can enjoy the peace and happiness that you so rightly deserve.  And, join in with the collective to create a planet that is happier and more peaceful. We can consciously engineer our individual lives, but also the collective!

It’s not as difficult as you think. In fact, it’s so simple that many people are now actively and deliberately engineering their lives each day.

Won’t you join them?