Uncertain Times Call For Self-Care

Uncertain Times Call For Self-Care


We are living in a time of uncertainty right now in America. I’d be telling a big fat lie if it didn’t concern me at times. Still, even in times where we don’t really have much of a clue as to what is going to unfold, we’re called to work towards embracing and radiating a spirit of community and love. Community, because we are all humans. Love, because that’s what we’re called to as Light Bearers, as sparks of lights only on this planet for a short time.

As I heard one woman say, the onion is being peeled and that has caused quite a few tears for sure.

I’m not up on the latest political details. It’s a LOT to keep up with. I have a couple of key people in my life who feel led to keep up and I get briefed every now and then.  It’s not that I’m not interested; I’m just not as interested as many others. And you know what? I’m great with it.

What I do know is that in these times of uncertainly, we all have the opportunity to work toward a better world, starting with ourselves. We all have the opportunity to NOT judge. To NOT engage with haters or those who simply love to spew hate or violence. Yes, we have a voice. Yes, we ought to stand up and speak for justice. Absolutely. But we don’t have to allow our souls to be so full of chaos that we’re walking around in fear or anger.

There’s ample opportunity to learn lessons in love. Lessons in peace. Lessons in wise words only when necessary.

Friends, as we wake each day, let’s not forget to embrace self-care and self-love. Let’s not let fear or anger consume us.

I’ve written down a few tips to help you remember to take care of you these days. To look at the bigger picture. We’re only here on the planet for a short time. Let’s do our best to rest and trust that no matter what happens, somehow we’ll be alright and Love will lead the way.

Limit your time watching television and engaging in social media

Listen, it’s great to get informed, but many people are wasting so much time watching the news hour after hour and scrolling through Facebook and Twitter. Come on folks. This can become an addictive behavior and before you know it, your anxiety levels hit the roof and no one wants to hang around you because all you do is complain about the world. Yes, have your fun on social media and technology, but keep your time limited.

Be nice

It’s not that challenging to be nice. It’s simply a choice. We can all do better here. Start with yourself. Look in the mirror, give a smile, and say, “Hey. I think you’re pretty cool!” Then, give the clerk at the coffee shop a nice tip and a big thank you. Compliment your partner. Call your mom and dad. After your co-worker goes ballistic about some new discovery at The White House, give him a big hug and say, “Dude! I love you so much!” Spread some love and Just.Be.Nice.

Become united

There’s a lot of talk about privilege. I get it. Plenty of white folks before my time didn’t rally and defend those who were being attacked. I’ll never understand this. It is time for all of us acknowledge that attacking anyone is not ok, for any reason.  Past or now. So, let’s band together, huh? In love. In light. In freedom for all of us to be who we are. Not sure what to do? Sit with it. Pray. Meditate. Don’t DO just to do. Do what feels right for you. March if you want. Call key people. Write letters. Attend gatherings. Every life matters. Period.

Accept what is

One of my best friends literally grieved for a week after the election results. She called me, obviously broken hearted. I get it and you know what? I gave her permission to feel all those feelings. I held space for her to be exactly where she was. I knew she wouldn’t stay there and I understood why she was there. Listen, it’s alright to feel what you’re feeling. Just don’t stay there for years on expect others to feel the same way.

Keep on living

Fear can paralyze. Anger can eat you from the inside out. But hey, we’ve only got today! So, what are you going to do? Keep on living; that’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to take care of you, embrace light, love, and some fun. Yes, give yourself permission to get out for some fun with your family and friends. Go on adventures. Start a new hobby. Just.Have.Fun.

Now, let’s continue to be optimistic and radiate love to others. The world can be transformed when we band together in love.