Those In Pain Need More Love; Not Less

Those In Pain Need More Love, Not Less

I think it was Matt Kahn who said that.

“Those in pain need more love; not less.”

It hit me like a ton of bricks at the time.  I thought, “What about those that are being horrible? The haters? Those that harm others?”

I heard, “Love conquers all, if we’ll embrace and show up with abundant, unconditional love.”

Open The Heart

For some years, I guarded my heart. After all, it’d been hurt a lot over time.

I’m sure many of you can relate.

But guarding my heart also put me in a conundrum.  See, I wanted to continue to grow spiritually. To awaken and evolve, and I knew to do so, I had to allow the wall around my heart to fall.  I had to become vulnerable and risk getting hurt for the sake of growth.

God set it up divinely, it seems, that I partnered up with one of the most open-hearted people that I know. Someone to journey life with where I felt pretty darn safe all the way around.  And, who wouldn’t let me keep my heart guarded in the sense that if I chose to become emotionally absent, a conversation was going to happen.

When You Let Your Guard Down, You Might Just Feel Authentic Love

Thankfully, through a series of circumstances, regular meditation, etc., that wall has come down, allowing me to feel divine love, and share it more freely.

But the reality is that there is a whole world full of those trapped in inner pain. Those trapped in awful circumstances like famine, war, disease, fear, and so on.

Sure, we can and do send our prayers, love, light in their direction, but we can’t help but feel like we want to do more. It’s only natural.

That’s God, or Divine Love working in and through us toward a greater conscious evolution and connection.

Do you feel it?

That inclination to reach out to those who are suffering? Those who are miserable? Lonely? Sick?

It’s easy to get stuck in “my four and no more” mentality.  To isolate, especially when we’re dealing with our own inner pain, etc.

But what keeps me writing, encouraging, reaching out, being present, and showing up, is understanding that this is the Divine plan. This is consciousness growing up. This is the kind of Love that can heal one by one, country by country, nation by nation.

Abundant Love Without Conditions

What can this look like for you?

Have you been isolating?  Miserable? Mean? Caught up in your own story?

Maybe make a fresh commitment to going inside.  Practice the presence of divine Love for yourself and others.

It was Dante that said there is a kind of Love that moves the stars and the planets.

I’ve experienced that kind of Love and assure you that it can melt away so much ego. So much fear.

Commit To The Inner Journey

In a time where the world is experiencing so much strife and confusion, we need more and more light workers…and Love diffusers…to show up.  Even when they’re in pain. Even when they’d rather isolate.

Even if they’re not that confident in their gifts or talents.

Sometimes just your PRESENCE makes a difference in another’s life.  

I am committed to my own conscious evolution or spiritual growth, grateful for the opportunity.  I’m also committed to assisting others grow too.

We’re in this together. Let’s love with a tenderness and fierceness that brings about a beautiful inner and outer transformation.

And remember, those in pain need more love; not less.