There Is A New, Higher Consciousness on the Earth.  

There Is A New, Higher Consciousness on the Earth  

In a relatively short time, I’ve gone from isolating in my bedroom under the guise that I’m an introvert to wanting to stand on rooftops and shout, “You are not who you think you are. We are not who we think we are! We are even better, one, united, connected, and we can transform this planet into something amazing!”

A new consciousness. An awakening, part of conscious evolution. And I can’t get it out of my head even if I try. There’s no going back, they say, once you’re real eyes have opened.

This new, higher consciousness…sort of like how the mystics and Jesus talk about the amazing kingdom of heaven…the kind of reality where things like peace, love, bliss, joy, green, lush vegetation, etc. abound. Sure, I’ve felt this to a degree, but mainly for me. But now, this higher consciousness causes one to think about ALL. The collective. The One system of Being on so many levels or dimensions. 

Marked by love. A love that transcends wounds, fears, ego, memories, history, and more.

This is my hope for all. Consciousness at a greater level. The Great Awakening not based on a particular religion, but based on the One that created and is always creating ALL. 

So be it.