The World Is Changing: How Does Science & Spirituality Fit In?

The World Is Changing: How Does Spirituality Fit In?

It’s an interesting and uncertain time in history. What we are experiencing globally with the pandemic requires all of us to think about the present and the future individually and collectively. 

It’s easy to shrink down and start freaking out. However, I want to encourage you that as a planet, we’re on the verge of an incredible global evolutionary turning point.

A shift. 

We, as humanity, if we don’t shape up and start doing life differently, could be facing our sixth extinction. The other five extinctions, according to leading scientists, were caused by things outside of humans, such as geological crisis, comets, etc.

Today, the chaos and crisis in the world can only be healed and changed from a different type of thinking than created them, as Einstein said. A different state of consciousness. 

Sure, some argue that only religion could be the cure, but let’s not forget all the tragic suffering and deaths that have come as a result of such. 

What I want you to realize is that the old ways are indeed, old. It’s necessary to let those paradigms go. Today, our hope as a collective humanity and planet lies in what the new sciences are teaching us and merging them with ancient wisdom and spirituality. The plain truth is that we all need to find our unique path, walk it, and wake up. 


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The New Sciences

I grew up learning the old Newtonian sciences, where I learned that everything is made up of matter, that my genes control my life, that our world came from some random big bang, and that the model life would come through competition, or survival of the fittest. I also learned that God or some sort of Divine Intelligence had no place in science. 

It’s these premises that landed humanity and the planet in the dire situation it’s in – chaos, crisis, fear, scarcity, war, famine, poverty, greed, corruption, and so on. It’s a miracle we haven’t gone extinct!

But today, there’s a whole set of new sciences that are based more on truth than theory, and they’re radically changing worldviews, and indeed, the world. A set of sciences that give way to the spiritual nature of life itself. A set of sciences that embrace spirituality and the fact that we all have a powerful, encouraging meaning of our existence. 

See, the old sciences threw out the plausibility of Divinity, giving humans permission to exploit and degrade the planet, including humans. The new sciences embrace a God-force, however you may define such a life force, encouraging caring for each other and Mother Earth in a way that promotes life, love, and harmony. 

All for one and one for all – a conscious, collective unity and love for all. 

What are the new sciences?

Quantum Physics – Everything is made of energy, including us, the planet, the cosmos, and beyond. All of it. It’s more aligned with what the ancients taught us, that everything is connected (the field) and that WE are all connected, entangled, One. 

Epigenetics – This new science informs us that we’re not bound by our genes. We’re not screwed by hereditary. We don’t have to be victims. Rather, we have control over our genes, mainly by our thoughts, emotions, and environment. Change our thoughts and emotions, change our experiences. 

Consciousness – There’s various views on how we got here. I tend to feel that we didn’t just randomly show up, but a greater Something created and manifested (and still is manifesting) us. Sure, we’ve evolved and are still evolving on many levels.  How exciting that we are becoming more aware, more conscious, more awake all the time! As such, we truly can work toward creating a better planet, a better human existence!

Barbara Marx-Hubbard, whose work I admire, said that because we’ve become so conscious, we’ve discovered our ability to create..and destroy.  Look around the world and it only takes a moment to see how we’ve destroyed so much.

But as a futurist, Barbara and myself believe that we can change this and we can change it rapidly. If we’ll, as Ken Wilber teaches, “Wake up, grow up, clean up, and show up”. 

This means each one of us individually doing what we need to do to heal our pain, our old wounds, traumas, etc. Do the inner healing work, shadow work, etc. Embark on a serious inner spiritual journey awakening to the reality that we are conscious spirits inhabiting an energetic body. 

We’re not here to just suffer along each day feeling like a victim of our past or current situations. We’re not here to just toil day in and day out, stuck inside a story of scarcity, pain, and hopelessness. 

The indigenous culture got it, and still gets it. As honest, loving caretakers of planet Earth and a firm believer in Great Spirit, they’ve always been on the grounds as wisdom keepers; and wisdom givers. 

It’s a great time in history to really contemplate and begin working toward our future as a collective humanity that drops labels, lines, dividers, etc. and unites in love. In appreciation. In cooperation. In spirit. 

Life for us and our children, grandchildren, etc. doesn’t have to look like it always has. It can be INCREDIBLY different in a beautiful, peaceful way. This is what keeps me excited and motivated to share with others. For us, for all, for the future. 

Many are awake and doing their part, even if that’s simply BEING light and love. But we desire all to come into the Garden of agape love, peace, and joy. Just think of what kind of world can emerge when we all join as one, united with a common purpose of sustainability and a kind of love that’s divine.