Are We Already Healed? What’s The Truth?

In the few healing modalities I’ve been studying lately, I’m seeing more and more that healing is basically acknowledging or returning to TRUTH. Surely, we all think at times and wonder, “What is real? What is truth? What is Truth?”

I know I have, and it always spurs me to go do some studying and go within in silence.

This past year I’ve spent a lot of time in silence. I’d given up writing for the most part, other than for clients.  I wanted to spend more time contemplating, sitting in silence, and praying. Aligning more with me as spirit and God as Divine Intelligence and Truth.

It’s been eye opening, for sure. And, by that, I mean my spiritual eyes.



Head Vs. Heart Knowing

There’s a big difference between knowing something in the head vs. knowing it in the heart. I am heady, meaning I love to learn. I love to study. I’ve put a lot of focus in the past on the head knowledge, but through life’s trials and experiencing inner pain, I constructed a wall around much of my heart.

I was slow to letting people in, but I knew at my core that this wasn’t the kind of person I wanted to be. This wasn’t WHO I really was, which is a person passionate about lavishing a lot of love on everyone. At my core, I am an exhorter, and encourager, a lover of humanity.  I know this.

So, once again with a new resolve, I took to the practice of daily silence, meditation, breathwork, and prayer.  And little by little that wall is coming down. I’m allowing myself to love more freely, and my passion to see people healed on all levels has increased dramatically.

“No greater good can come to you than to know that the Power already within you is the power to live, the power to create. Not only to create for yourself, but to create for others – the power to do good, the power to heal, the power to prosper.” Ernest Holmes

Full Surrender

I’ve completely surrendered to God as best as I can. I’ve gotten some revelation of some pretty important Truths about life. About healing. About love. And, I’m on a serious journey to dig even deeper.

Not for me, but for humanity. For my loved ones, for strangers. For those who are struggling along the journey.  As I empty my mind of my carnal or selfish thoughts and impress thoughts and prayers of health and love upon God, change happens.  As I continually keep my thoughts, and especially subconscious thoughts, in check, replacing negative with positive, I’m more apt to experience peace, joy, and abundance on all levels.

When praying for myself or those who need healing, I don’t focus on the particular illness. God didn’t create that illness, as far as I’ve learned through various modes of thought. That illness is not reality; it’s a thought form. A belief. Remember when Jesus said, “Your faith has made you well”.?

Faith is belief. It’s a substance, and if it can make you well, that same belief can make you sick. It’s not God that makes people sick. I just can’t believe that. I don’t understand why some people aren’t healed or why babies are sick. There are some things we just don’t know, but that doesn’t mean we stop trying. That doesn’t mean we don’t encourage all the Light Workers and Healers out there to keep believing, keep going inside, and keep extinguishing dark with the Light.

Tap Into The Greater Power

There is a power greater than us and I am going to keep tapping into the power. Not just for my own gain, but for others.  There are some wonderful spiritual teachers past and present that teach about divine or spiritual mind healing.  As I continue to study and “treat” those in need, I’m calling it an experiment and a lifestyle. I’m not just winging up a prayer and obliging my conscience.

I’m prayerfully treating them, and myself, regularly. If we’re already healed, as Jesus came to teach and obviously believed it since he went about healing all who needed it, then we ought to be working toward coming to that FULL REVELATION as well.

Divine Healing Of Many Thousands

It was John G. Lake, a healer in the 19th century, that had over 100,000 confirmed healings occur when he prayed for them.  He set up healing homes all over the state of Washington, offering freely what Jesus commanded we do: Heal the sick.

There have been men, women, and children who have operated with such belief in healing, and my prayer is that we see more and more. The alternative healing movement is growing, thankfully. There are over 100 healing modalities that I know of. That’s wonderful!

So, my prayer lately has been give me more revelation that we are already healed.  We, as spiritual creations, were created perfect and whole by a divine intelligence. So, let’s keep affirming, treating, and acting “as if” we already are healed. That we have that right, because Jesus came to destroy sin, sickness, and death.

And, so shall we.

Do you need prayer? If so, please reach out.