What would it feel like to be financially independent? 

To free up more time to do things you love and are passionate about?


Financial freedom is not just about making more money. Freedom is discovering your personal power and financial fulfillment through spiritual and intuitive well-being. It’s working through the obstacles and harnessing the energy of money.

Money is energy. You can waste it, invest it, focus it, or lose it. It can be your friend or your biggest worry.

We’re here to tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS. You simply need the right information, tools, support system, and a map. 

This is not just about slashing debt. Rather, it’s about YOU stepping into your powerful self, going after your fullest, highest potential.


This is where it starts.

What is The Energy of Finances Class About?

The Energy of Finances class is a weekend workshop.  It is open to you if you are looking to get started on a path to financial fitness.

It is open to a limited number of participants coming together in community, as we work to become masters of the energy of finances. 


Over the course of the weekend, you will:

  • Learn how to stop doing what isn’t working, and start doing what does
  • Recognize your money beliefs and habits
  • Complete exercises and assignments
  • Learn about the emotional and spiritual effects of money
  • Learn spiritual and practical techniques to create your life and financial goals
  • Embark on a self-worth discovery path, with proven money management methods
  • Uncover negative thoughts and belief patterns that underlie your scarcity, poverty, or poor money decisions.
  • Discover your personal power and financial fulfillment, work through obstacles, and harness the energy of finances.
  • Build a new relationship with finances, with an improved mindset
  • Learn how to show up in the world as a more authentic, aligned soul.
  • And much more!

At the end of the weekend…


You will not only be EMPOWERED along your path of financial freedom, but you will have your own map to continue the journey. You’ll have information to put the knowledge into practice. You will experience results and practices that you can continue to use.

You’ll feel a new sense of confidence and freedom, which will support you to show up in the world
more authentically and confident. 

Your Time is Now



Shala is an Energy Practitioner and Spiritual Coach bridging the mystical realms and the world we live in, fostering healing and awakening for those with a heart to receive.  For over 30 years, she has been drawn to different healing modalities for herself and others, always for the greater good. 

As a teacher and student, she travels globally to indigenous populations, learning and sharing profound truths pertaining to the universe, healing, and conscious relationships. She’s passionate about helping alleviate suffering, allowing God’s presence to flow through her, assisting others with healing and ultimately, helping them awaken to their authentic nature.  Her work combines energy healing principles, intuition, immense love, and compassion.


Dominica is an author, recovery advocate, and spiritual counselor, passionate about helping others journey toward wholeness. Combining a BA in Psychology, MA in Spiritual Counseling, and 12 years working in the mental health field, Dominica’s work utilizes alternative approaches to healing emotional pain and trauma. Her own journey through codependency and depression has served as a catalyst for her experience of healing and transformation.

Combining the science of neuro-biology, transpersonal psychology, and spiritual growth techniques, Dominica helps others re-program self-defeating beliefs. Using meditation, mindfulness, guided imagery, CBT, and other holistic techniques, she helps those in need to integrate blocked emotional energy and gain wisdom for personal and spiritual growth. 

COST (Workshop & Accommodations)


COST:  $150.00 for the weekend workshop, accommodations & food included.


PLACE: Marksville, Louisiana (Details upon registering)


Please register soon, as space is limited and will fill up quickly.

You may register by clicking on the button below and making payment. Once you register, you will receive an email with more details, as well as location.