The Call For Peaceful Change

The Call For Peaceful Change


Violence stems from the illusion of feeling separate from God. Separate from others. And, separate from oneself. Peace comes when there is a union with God, which results in an abundance of love too. This is to be our aim – a strong, intimate connection with the Divine in our midst.

One of the best ways to cultivate this deep connection or communion is through consistent contemplation, meditation, mindfulness, and prayer. When we can take the time to humbly go within to seek something greater, peace comes. Change comes. A new way of living comes.

It’s in that sacred space within where transformation begins, and that’s where more of us really need to be. Life can get busy, for sure. However, taking time each day to get quiet and go within can help us gain clarity, wisdom, healing, and so much more. IF we’ll just take the time to do it.

Be A Peaceful Warrior

The world is full of violence and opposition. Our task is to be peaceful change warriors. The wisdom keepers and givers. The kind of activists that are nonviolent, radiating a powerful presence of the Divine at home, work, in the stores, and so on.

We are not our thoughts. We’re not our ego. We are something much more profound, and we’re backed by something even more profound! Go within each day, as often as you can, and seek peace there. Seek Love there. Get rooted and grounded in the space that is marked by humility, grace, and faith.

We Are Not Of This World

Then watch how your true creation (the Bible calls it a new creation) emerges. Your TRUE self. Your SPIRIT self. God as you, showing up in the world as goodness, love, compassion, humility, healing, and more.

And so be it!