Spiritual Awakening: 17 Signs and Symptoms


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Spiritual awakening has become a hot topic in recent years, with more and more people becoming interested in exploring their spirituality and discovering the meaning of life beyond the material world. As someone who is now in their 50s, I can’t help but wish that I had delved into this topic during my teens or young adulthood.

I feel that if I had taken the time to seriously explore my spirituality earlier in life, I would have avoided some severe suffering through my early years. Perhaps I would have been able to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, feel less lost and confused, become more intimately connected with God Consciousness, and gain a better understanding of my place in this 3D world.

That being said, it’s never too late to start the journey of spiritual awakening, and I believe that no matter what age we are, we can always benefit from exploring our spirituality and discovering the deeper meaning of life.


The Spiritual Path: Leaning In
Ditch The Chasing After Empty Things
A Profound Self-Realization
What Is A Spiritual Awakening
What is the reason for experiencing a spiritual awakening?
My Spiritual Awakening Process
Stages of Spiritual Awakening
17 Signs of A Spiritual Awakening
The Spiritual Journey
Spiritual Teachers

The Spiritual Awakening Path: Leaning In

Leaning into a spiritual awakening path has been a valuable ongoing experience. It’s well worth the effort, I’ll tell you that. Sure, it can be a lonely journey at times but is ultimately worth it for the incredible sense of growth and connection to something greater, which I call Infinite Love or God.

Are you searching for a greater sense of purpose and contentment in life? Have you been feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or lost lately? Do you have questions about life, faith, or a greater power?

Then it’s time to join me on this journey to self-discovery and transformation as we delve into spiritual awakening symptoms and signs.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is a process of becoming aware of your true self as part of a larger spiritual reality. It’s not just you as human, but coming to know you as spirit, connected to the larger Spirit.

It can involve understanding your relationship to life and the universe, developing a richer connection with nature, and discovering a conscious connection to higher spiritual powers. And, it’s often accompanied by an intense feeling of love, peace, and acceptance of yourself, others, and the world around you.



Ditch Chasing After Empty Things

Essentially, spiritual awakenings are like your spiritual coming-of-age moment. If you never go through one, you’ll just end up chasing the same old empty things like money, fame, power, and respect, thinking it’ll make you happy.

I did that for far too long, feeling quite empty and at times, I would feel lost too.

It’s deep calling to Deep. It’s like your spirit is screaming for freedom from plenty of things, including repressed memories and emotional trauma. It wants out, because it’s usually trapped in a prison we call the mind. And if you actually listen to that call, your life will be totally transformed into a deep sense of something meaningful.

A Profound Self-Realization

If you’re on a spiritual awakening path, you start to see through the fakeness of the 3D world. You begin to realize that you’re not just your mind, including thoughts and emotions. You begin to realize a deeper Truth and feel drawn to your higher self.

Deep in your heart of hearts, you come to the realization that nothing external – not money, material possessions, relationships or experiences – can ever bring you true, lasting joy and fulfillment. Despite the initial thrill of these things, they eventually wear off and leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled. This aching longing for something more meaningful drives you to seek out something more meaningful and authentic. You yearn for something that can provide an enduring sense of contentment and wholeness; something that will nourish your soul from within rather than from without. Your search leads you on a quest to discover the deeper meaning of life – one which cannot be bought or sold but experienced through living life with openness and awareness. Only then can you realize your innermost potential and find true bliss in every moment.

So, beautiful souls, if you’re feeling lost or searching for some guidance in life, you’ve come to the right place. This guide has got you covered with some things you’ll want to know about spiritual awakening, including the common awakening symptoms you may experience along the way.

We’ve gathered plenty of resources you’ll need to kickstart your journey toward spiritual enlightenment, so don’t hesitate to dive in and explore.

And feel free to share the love on your social media pages and pass it along to your friends and family as well.

What Is The Reason For Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening typically happens when an individual begins to question the current state of their life. Maybe they are dealing with depression, apathy, or disillusionment. Or maybe they just feel completely empty.

So, you embark on a journey of inner exploration. This exploration often includes examining your values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors in order to gain a greater understanding of the true self (beyond ego-personality) and your connection to the divine, whatever term you use for it. Through this process, you can become more in tune with your purpose and deepen your sense of connection to others and the universe.

My Spiritual Awakening Process


Spiritual Awakening


My journey towards awakening began in my early 20s, when I started exploring different religions and philosophies. In my 30s, I experienced my first dark night of the soul, a period of intense spiritual questioning and emotional upheaval. I felt lost and disconnected from the world around me, and I started a quest for answers.

In my search for healing and guidance, I turned to books, workshops, and videos, and began working with a trauma-informed somatic experiencing therapist. Through this work, I was able to begin processing past traumas and releasing emotional blockages that were hindering my spiritual growth.

I was busy “doing the work”, and thought I was doing well, but I experienced another dark night of the soul in my late 40s. This time, however, I was better equipped to handle it, thanks to the tools I had acquired over the years. I leaned heavily on my mindfulness practice and meditation and sought the guidance of a trauma-informed somatic experiencing therapist and spiritual mentor. (Thank you, Tetyana and Lisa!)

Through these experiences, one of my biggest takeaways is that I have come to understand that spiritual growth is not a linear journey, but rather a process of continuous learning and self-discovery. It’s likely a journey that I’ll be on my entire time on this planet!

But it’s exciting, I tell you, as  I’m understanding more and more every day that I am far more than this mind and body. I am a spiritual being in divine union with Infinite Love (God).

I have put a lot of effort into my spiritual practice, and I continue to do so to this day. I am grateful for the support of my therapist and mentor, as well as the many spiritual paths I have explored along the way.

Stages of Spiritual Awakening

For me, referring to awakening as stages implies a fixed, linear progression, where one moves from one stage to the next in a predetermined order.

However, in my experience, growth is much more fluid and dynamic. That’s why I prefer to think of it as phases, each with its own unique qualities and challenges. Phases suggest a more cyclical process, where one may revisit certain themes or aspects of their spiritual journey multiple times. (Like me going through several “dark nights of the soul”.)

This approach allows for greater flexibility and openness, which I believe is essential in the ever-evolving landscape of spiritual growth. Ultimately, whether you prefer to refer to it as stages or phases, what matters most is the willingness to remain open to the process and embrace the journey with curiosity and humility.

Phase 1: Dark Night of the Soul

The first phase or sign of spiritual awakening is often referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul. It is a period of intense inner exploration and soul searching, in which an individual must confront their deepest fears and insecurities.

During this stage, you may experience feelings of despair, loneliness, and confusion as you begin to explore your own values and beliefs – and become interested in your spiritual side.

The symptoms of experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul include intense emotional pain and turmoil, confusion, fear, restlessness, fatigue, and insomnia.

Do your best to focus on self-care and nurturing activities such as meditation or spending time in nature. Additionally, it may be beneficial to reach out to friends and family for support during this time.


find joy Spiritual Awakening: 17 Signs and Symptoms


Phase 2: Seeking and Searching

The second phase or sign of spiritual awakening we’ll discuss is seeking and searching. During this stage, you’re paying less attention to the external world and you are actively pursuing a deeper understanding of yourself, your purpose in life, and the divine. (God, Universe, Source, Energy, etc.)

This may involve exploring religious or spiritual practices, reading books on self-development, or attending workshops or retreats. It can also include developing a regular practice such as yoga, meditation, or journaling in order to find inner peace and connect with your true nature

I can attest that I’m in this phase most of the time. No matter how far I think I’ve come along a spiritual awakening journey, I’m still seeking and searching. Sometimes it’s just my ego who wants these answers, as my spirit already has them. It’s just then, I must do my best to observe the ego and rest in my natural spiritual nature.

Phase 3: Meeting Your Shadow Self

You may also begin meeting your shadow self along this awakening journey. This involves facing and learning to accept all aspects of yourself, including the parts that you may have previously rejected or hidden from view. During this period, try to be open-minded and non-judgmental as you reflect on who you truly are.

The symptoms of experiencing a meeting with your shadow self include feelings of guilt, shame, fear, and anxiety, as well as an increased sense of emotional awareness. It is important to remember that these feelings are part of the process and will eventually pass.

During this time it can be helpful to find support through friends, family or spiritual mentors and to practice self-compassion. Additionally, it may be beneficial to engage in activities such as journaling or creative pursuits that allow one to explore and express their shadow side in a healthy way.

Not sure how to get started with shadow work? Check out our series of shadow work guided journals on the topic.

Ultimately, the symptoms of seeking and searching may include feelings of restlessness and confusion as well as an increased thirst for knowledge. During this stage, remain open-minded and patient with yourself as you step out of your comfort zone to explore these concepts and spiritual values.

Phase 4: Transformation and Integration


spiritual side


Another phase or stage of spiritual awakening is transformation and integration. This involves a deep process of self-reflection and exploring how your beliefs, values, and experiences have shaped you. At this stage, you may feel a sense of clarity as you embrace the changes that have taken place within yourself.

The symptoms of transformation and integration include increased peace and well-being, a heightened sense of self-awareness, and greater insight into oneself.

Ultimately, it is through embracing this process of transformation and integration that you can find greater peace, purpose, and joy in your lives.

Keep in mind I said, “greater”. This means that these blissful feelings may come and go, as it’s not realistic to think you’ll feel happy 100 percent of the time. One day you’ll experience mind blowing synchronicities, and the next, you’ll suddenly feel low. However, the further you progress along your awakening journey, the more peace and joy you’ll feel.

Embracing Challenges As A Pathway For Personal Growth

The stages of awakening can be challenging to navigate at times and can bring up feelings of fear, confusion, and discomfort. However, try to remember that these stages are part of a larger journey toward self-discovery and personal growth.

It is through embracing the challenges that come with this process that you’ll find greater peace and understanding within yourself. Ultimately, the stages of awakening can provide an opportunity for you to explore your innermost self (psyche) and gain a deeper connection to the Divine or Sacred.

Taking Time For Yourself To Rest, Reflect And Renew

The phases or stages of awakening can be intense and overwhelming at times, so it is important to create space for self-care and reflection during this process. This may involve taking time out of your day to practice activities such as meditation, journaling, or spending time in nature. I also find it helpful to find like minded people in groups in the community who gather to seek answers and share about their journey.

Essentially, try to stay open-minded and patient with yourself as you explore your inner being and gain insight into your life’s purpose. Ditch old habits and open to increased empathy. Ultimately, taking these moments for yourself to rest, reflect and renew can help you find a greater understanding of yourself and all the amazing things you have to offer.

17 Signs of Spiritual Awakenings

Spiritual awakening is a process of inner transformation that can be both beautiful and challenging. As you embark on this journey, you may experience physical, emotional and psychological changes that can serve as signs of spiritual growth.

While there is no single roadmap to describe the stages and symptoms of awakening, there are some common signs, such as the following:

  1. Increased awareness and sensitivity
  2. Heightened intuition
  3. Deeper connection to the natural world
  4. Feelings of being guided by a higher power
  5. A sense of detachment from material things
  6. An openness to new ideas and experiences
  7. Feeling more connected with spiritual energy
  8. A desire to help others
  9. Unexplained physical sensations such as buzzing or energy moving through your body
  10. Increased synchronicity and meaningful coincidences in life
  11. Heightened spiritual knowledge and understanding of the universe
  12. A heightened sense of inner peace and stillness
  13. A newfound passion for life
  14. A feeling of oneness with all living things
  15. An openness to different spiritual paths
  16. Increased creativity and self-expression
  17. A desire to explore the depths of one’s inner being and discover one’s own truth

Let’s dive into these spiritual awakening signs a bit further.

1. Increased awareness and sensitivity

As you go through a spiritual awakening, your awareness of the outer and inner world is heightened. You may notice subtle shifts in your environment, process emotions more deeply and become more sensitive to energies around you. This heightened awareness can be both beneficial and challenging as it allows for greater connection with the divine but also makes it difficult to be around chaotic and disruptive energy.

2. Heightened intuition

During spiritual awakenings, you can access a deeper level of intuition that can provide insight and clarity into life’s mysteries. This heightened intuition allows for greater discernment and connection with the divine, allowing you to more effectively navigate your life with greater ease and understanding.

3. Deeper connection to the natural world

As you go through awakening, you may gain appreciation for the beauty of nature in ways you had never experienced before. You may find yourself drawn to activities such as hiking, gardening or even just strolling outdoors as these activities can help you connect more deeply with the earth and all it has to offer.

4. Feelings of being guided by a higher power

You may feel as if you are being guided by a force greater than yourself. This feeling of being cared for and looked after can be incredibly comforting and reinforce the notion that all is unfolding according to a divine plan.

5. A sense of detachment from material things

You may notice an increasing disconnection with material possessions or outward success. Instead, your focus shifts to finding inner peace, joy and contentment that comes from within instead of relying on external sources.

6. An openness to new ideas and experiences

Spiritual awakenings often bring about an increased openness to exploring new ideas, beliefs and experiences. You may find yourself drawn to exploring different spiritual paths or philosophies that you hadn’t previously been aware of as your minds become more open to what the world has to offer.

7. Feeling more connected with spiritual energy

You may find yourself feeling more connected with spiritual energy in ways you have never experienced before. This connection can provide greater clarity and understanding into life’s mysteries and help you access greater depths of knowledge within yourself.

8. A desire to help others

A key sign of awakening is an increased drive and desire to help others in need. You may find yourself drawn to volunteer work or service-oriented activities as your heart opens to the suffering of others and you become more connected with the divine.

9. Unexplained physical sensations

You may notice unexplained physical sensations such as buzzing or energy moving through your body as you move through the stages of spiritual awakening. These sensations can indicate a higher level of awareness and connection to spiritual energies, and can be incredibly powerful and profound.

10. Increased spiritual awakening synchronicity

As you go through your awakening, you may notice an increase in synchronicity and meaningful coincidences in your life. This can be a sign that everything is unfolding according to divine plan and help you feel more connected to the divine and life’s mysteries.

11. Heightened spiritual knowledge

Your awakening can lead to greater understanding of the universe, its laws, and its mysteries. You may find yourself becoming more aware of deeper levels of spirituality and gaining access to wisdom that you can use to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities.

12. Heightened sense of inner peace

You may notice an increasing sense of inner peace and stillness as you go through your spiritual awakening. This feeling can help you feel more connected with the divine and give you a greater sense of purpose in life.

13. A newfound passion for life

Your spiritual awakening may bring about a newfound passion for life and deeper levels of compassion for others. This can bring about greater joy and fulfillment in life, as well as an increased willingness to accept and embrace the beauty in all things.

14.  A feeling of oneness with all living things

You may feel connected to everything in your environment as if all life is one interconnected system. Your spiritual awakening may bring about a feeling of oneness with all living things, an understanding that every living thing has an essential purpose in our world.

15. An openness to different spiritual paths

Your spiritual awakening can also lead you to become open and accepting of other spiritual routes. You may find yourself less attached to any one particular religion or belief system and more open to exploring different traditions and practices in the pursuit of greater understanding.

16. Increased creativity and self-expression

You may notice heightened levels of creativity and self-expression as you move through stages of spiritual awakening. This can manifest as increased artistic or musical ability, as well as a greater capacity for problem-solving and communication.

17. A desire to explore the depths of your inner being

As you move through a spiritual awakening, you may feel the desire to explore the depths of your inner being and discover your own truth – only the higher self. This can lead to positive transformation in all areas of life, from relationships, career path, health, self-sufficiency, and spiritual growth.

Physical Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

When going through spiritual awakening stages, individuals may also experience physical symptoms. These can include dizziness, headaches, fatigue, a racing heart, irregular breathing patterns and various body aches and pains.

In some cases, these physical symptoms can be quite intense and may require medical attention if they persist or worsen over time. Additionally, there is often an accompanying sense of emotional overwhelm, which can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and confusion. It is important to seek medical advice if any of these symptoms persist or become worse over time.

In speaking for myself, some of these symptoms, I’ve dealt with on and off for many years. They come and go in different severities. I believe some may be a sign that I’m on the spiritual awakening journey, and others are more random.

The Spiritual Journey

Dear beautiful soul, along the path of awakening, you will find yourself growing and learning. You will uncover never-before seen answers to questions you never even knew how to ask. A journey of darkness may lead you to a brighter landscape, with much less suffering and living more of your dream life.

Keep following your heart. Open up to allowing love in, let go of what doesn’t serve you any longer and choose joy for the moments ahead. Have courage on the way – whatever insight you gain can always be renewed and refreshed anew, inviting inner abundance that is all yours!

Spiritual Teachers

Embarking upon a spiritual awakening journey can be an incredibly rewarding and enlightening experience. Connecting with a spiritual teacher along the way, however, can present both benefits and drawbacks.

On the plus side, learning from a knowledgeable source enables you to gain a further understanding of your own beliefs and goals. An experienced guide may offer tips, insights, and advice that can help you to make sense of things that previously seemed like foggy unknowns.

On the downside though, relying solely on the wisdom of another can prevent you from developing your own revelations.

Additionally, some guides may be more concerned about their own personal philosophy and fame than encouraging your own unique exploration of spirituality.

Ultimately, much should be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to enlist a teacher during your journey. If done properly, it can provide invaluable mentorship and aid in development – but exercising caution is still essential nonetheless.

I certainly follow some spiritual teachers and have a spiritual mentor as well. I find this to be quite valuable along my journey, but you do what works for you.

Spiritual Awakening Questions and Answers

What happens when you have a spiritual awakening?

When you have a spiritual awakening, you may experience an intense and profound shift in your understanding of life and the world around you. This shift can lead to greater awareness and knowledge of the universe, its laws, and its mysteries. You may find yourself becoming more aware of deeper levels of spirituality, gaining access to wisdom that you can use to better navigate your life.

Additionally, you may have vivid dreams and feel a strong connection to the divine and have a greater sense of purpose in life.


what is the shadow self


How do you know if you are spiritually awakened?

It can be difficult to determine if you are truly spiritually awakened or not. In my opinion, there’s always room for more awakening, as the path is more spiral in nature, rather than linear. It’s one’s own path.

However, common signs of spiritual awakening may include feeling an increased sense of peace and joy in life, having a greater understanding of the world around you, experiencing heightened intuition or psychic abilities, developing deeper levels of compassion for others, feeling connected to all living things and having a profound desire to explore the depths of your inner being.

Ultimately, only you can decide whether or not you are spiritually awakened, and it is important to listen to your own inner guidance. It may take time to fully understand and integrate this new awareness, so be patient with yourself as you continue on your spiritual journey.

Is it like spiritual enlightenment?

Yes, awakening is simply another term for spiritual enlightenment. It wakes you up to a childlike wonder of the universe.

What does a spiritual rebirth feel like?

A spiritual rebirth can be an incredibly powerful experience. It may involve a profound sense of understanding, clarity and peace as you become aware of your true connection to the divine. You may also feel deeply inspired by life, have mystical experiences, and have a greater appreciation for all that it has to offer.

Additionally, you may find yourself on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, leading to a deeper understanding of your purpose in life and greater joy and contentment. Ultimately, spiritual rebirth is an extremely personal experience that will look different for everyone. However, no matter how it manifests itself, it can be a powerful reminder that there is something beyond this physical world.

What does the Bible say about spiritual rebirth?

The transformative experience of spiritual rebirth is a core tenet of the Bible. This spiritual journey is more than just a commitment to God: it’s an invitation for those that undertake it to discover their true identity and purpose, free from the chains of sin.

Alongside an inner awakening, spiritual rebirth can manifest in mysterious ways to help guide someone back to righteousness—it could be a song, a feeling, or an encounter with another faithful soul.

Believing in Jesus Christ and drawing strength from his teachings gives believers the courage and faith needed to navigate this period of rebirth, so they may become spiritually born again.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening: Wrapping It Up

I hope this guide has helped you understand and perhaps gain a new perspective on symptoms of spiritual awakening and in general, what it means to be working toward becoming spiritually awake.

As you can see the awakening process for human beings means focusing less on the outer world and gravitating more toward spiritual ideas.

Yes, it can be an emotional roller coaster at times, but the longer you stay focused on the journey, or the present moment, the more you’ll ditch old belief systems and negative thinking, and grow spiritually.

For more information on the topic, take the time read about others who have had spiritual awakenings, and as always, practice self-love and care in a way that makes sense for you along your unique journey.

Now What?

Feel free to explore our website for more spiritual guidance. Start with inner work – a practice that helps you delve deep into your inner self for self-exploration, understanding, healing, and transformation. Here are some helpful articles to get started.

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I truly hope this guide has given you some “aha” moments and encouraged you along your journey. You wouldn’t believe how many times I thought I was going crazy along my path, and still do at times.

I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment below and if you feel led, share this with your loved ones on social media.








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