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Shadow Work: Tracking & Healing Emotional Triggers Mindfully Guided Journal

Learn to process and heal emotional triggers with our therapist-backed guided journal and workbook.

Go ahead, reclaim your wholeness!

Shadow Work is Healing Work

Emotional triggers can lead to regretful outbursts and cause guilt, shame, and pain. Strong emotions, such as anger, fear, sadness, or shutting down, indicate hidden issues like shadows, wounded inner child, and painful memories that need attention.

This workbook can aid in addressing intense emotions and shadows. With valuable information, 40 journal prompts, and a 5-step process for tracking and healing triggers, you can actively work through stuck emotions and old wounds.

Manage Emotional Triggers

This therapist-backed, action-based, guided journal can help you learn how to respond, rather than react with intense emotions.


Journal Includes:

  • A brief introduction to healing emotional triggers and the brain and nervous system in relation to triggers.
  • 40 shadow work prompts
  • 5-Step Tracking & Healing Emotional Triggers worksheets that you use when you begin to feel triggered or afterwards.
  • Various lists and worksheets, including identifying core wounds, anxiety reduction techniques, affirmations, & common trigger list.
  • 23 “Trigger Tracking” worksheets
  • The softcover is 8.5 x 11 inches /  124 pages.
  • PDF version is fillable on your devices. Simply download and type in your answers.
Amazon Reviews

“I’m loving this journal! The journal questions are seriously making me deal with some things I didn’t realize were keeping me stuck. I also like the 5 step process. Helps me stay accountable to my emotional healing. Highly recommend if you’re dealing with heavy emotions or want to do more shadow work.” Brianna H.

“If you get triggered emotionally and want to learn how to stop reacting so strongly, this workbook can help. I learned a lot about myself and some of the core wounds I’m trying to heal. The journal prompts are great too!” B.M.

“Super great tool for those who want to learn about your emotions and how to get a grip on them. The information and worksheets helped a lot, as well as the 5-step process for facing, feeling, and healing triggers. It’s a work in progress!” J.H.

“We bought 9 for our Mental Health Recovery group “Breakfast Club”. Book is very well written. We just started chapter 01 and we have a lot of interaction with members.”

About Me, Dominica Applegate

I am passionate about helping others heal, grow, and experience more peace and joy. With over 25 years of experience working and writing in the mental health field, as well as a genuine love of journaling, I’ve crafted a series of “wholeness journals” that help people grow stronger and happier.

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