shadow work for beginners

Shadow Work Guided Journal for Beginners

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with our beginner’s guided journal, filled with 365 thought-provoking prompts designed to illuminate the depths of your soul through the powerful practice of shadow work.

Reflect, Heal, And Grow

Our guided journal is a valuable companion for those seeking personal growth and self-awareness. With 365 carefully crafted prompts, it offers a year-long exploration of your inner world through the practice of shadow work. By delving into your hidden thoughts, emotions, and experiences, you’ll uncover hidden strengths, release emotional burdens, and gain a profound understanding of yourself.

The benefits of this journey are manifold, including increased self-acceptance, improved relationships, and a deeper sense of purpose. Each day brings a new opportunity to reflect, heal, and grow, making this journal an essential tool for anyone on the path to self-discovery and self-improvement.

shadow work beginners
shadow work beginners


Illuminate Your Inner World

Engaging in guided journaling fosters self-awareness and emotional intelligence, providing structure for exploring your thoughts and feelings. It serves as a therapeutic outlet, helping you process difficult experiences and reduce stress. Additionally, it becomes a valuable tool for tracking your personal growth, celebrating achievements, and gaining insights into your evolving goals and aspirations.

Journal Includes:

✅ 365 journaling prompts and exercises
✅ Full-page gorgeous images + quotes
✅ 206 pages (soft cover book)
✅ The softcover journal measures 7 x 10

Amazon Reviews

“This sweet, simple, yet profoundly orchestrated journal has moved mountains in my personal shadow work journey! Easy to read and understand. The questioning drove me to go deeper and deeper into the hidden caverns of my soul essence. The uncovering and unraveling has brought so much shadow- mirroring – into the light. I highly recommend.” Peggy F.

“This journal helps me remember that I am worthy of my own love regardless of what I’ve done or haven’t done in my life. It reminds me to not listen to the inner critic and affirm myself more regularly. I highly recommend this journal. B.M.

“Super great book for those who WANT to journal but never have the inspiration or motivation to do so. Literally. I open it up and it tells me what to write. The prompts are beautiful and thought inducing. I can tell it started helping me heal right away (: I highly recommend.” J.H.

“This journal is perfect for anyone who simply wished to love themselves more and in a healthier way. The prompts are insightful and really make me get to the root of some issues I’ve been having internally. Great stuff! ” M. A.


About Me, Dominica Applegate

I am passionate about helping others heal, grow, and experience more peace and joy. With over 25 years of experience working and writing in the mental health field, as well as a genuine love of journaling, I’ve crafted a series of “wholeness journals” that help people grow stronger and happier.



Shadow Work: Tracking & Healing Emotional Triggers Mindfully Guided Journal