Shadow Work: Dig Up Your Real Self

Most of the stuff you’re upset about has nothing to do with the person you’re squawking at.

Not an easy pill to swallow for most people.

Shadow work. It’s a theme I’ve dove into the last several years, which in all honesty, has made me feel legit cray-cray at times.

I’m sure I studied Jung’s concept of shadow work briefly in my psych 101 college course MANY years ago, but not one thing stuck.

I mean zilch.

I spent years unconscious to the reality that under the surface, shadows were camped out in my psyche. Things like anxiety, depression, vanity, shame, control — pretty much controlling my waking life.

When I finally did start learning about shadow work, I wasn’t thrilled.

It was one afternoon while I was reading an article that said that when we’re in an argument — all emotionally charged and you know, finger pointing and squawking — that only about 10% of the charged emotions had to do with the present conflict. The other 90% had to do with old, unresolved wounds presumably from childhood.

90 percent!

I was angry and perplexed.

I thought,

“Wait, what? You’re telling me my arguments with her have more to do with MY unresolved past wounds than the fact that she’s a selfish, controlling jerk?”

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Shadow Work: Dig Up Your Real Self