Sadness Whispered, “Pause. Go Within”.

Sadness Whispered, “Pause. Go Within”.

Who hasn’t battled sadness at times? Sinking deeper by the minute, sometimes with no reason, we stare down the decision whether to fight or flop on the couch.

Obviously exhausted.

Sadness swallowed me whole for a good part of my life.

And it sucked. 

Yet, today I have much more insight into what the emotion of sadness really is.

Rather than judge myself for it, I am more apt to sit with it and accept rather than resist it.


Because when I finally decided to get down and dirty doing some inner healing work, when I mustered up every last ounce of hope to begin clawing through the cave, nails bloody and mascara smudged face, I began my spiritual awakening and the journey toward joy.

Real joy.

In the beginning, when my conscious level was quite low, my choices and behaviors weren’t all that great.

I felt desperate with all the weight of the void within.

I left a marriage.

Came out of the closet.

Jumped into a relationship where neither of us were emotionally mature enough to actually make it work.

I consulted the psychics, priests, and sages. I got intimate with my breath. Altered my reality for consciousness sake. Went to the jungle to retreat. Recited mantras. And more.

I didn’t find joy right away.

That’s for sure.

I caught glimpsed every now and then. But in doing my shadow work, I first found all sorts of old wounds and trauma underneath many masks. But in and through it all, I began to get revelation of myself as spirit.

As light. As worth. As potential. As Love. 

I felt less sad and more hopeful. The journey of life on planet Earth began making more sense.

Sadness may feel quite rough at times. However, if you’re dancing with it, know that somehow it’s beckoning you to slow down, square up, and face truth.

Become vulnerable. Peel back the layers. Embrace the journey and make a firm commitment to “do the inner healing or shadow work”.

Devote yourself to your healing path. To the reality that underneath the persona, the masks, beliefs, and thoughts, we are sacred spirits.

Your spirit is whispering. Your intuition tugging your sleeve.

Can you hear it? Can you feel it?

It’s helping you navigate toward truth, mainly by prompting you to slow down.

Pause. Go within and start sifting through the inner psyche to integrate what needs integrated and catch revelation of what’s beyond the psyche.

You, as peace, joy, and infinite potential.