Sadness. The Bastard.

Sadness. The Bastard.

Who hasn’t battled sadness at times? Sinking deeper by the minute, sometimes with no reason, we stare down the decision whether to fight or flop on the couch.

Obviously exhausted.

Sadness swallowed me whole for a good part of my life. Bastard. I know, it’s a harsh word, but it’s just how I felt about it at times.

Yet, today I can wrap my arms around that sadness and give it a big kiss. Why?

Because when I finally decided to get down and dirty “doing the work”, when I mustered up every last ounce of hope to begin clawing through the cave, nails bloody and mascara smudged face, I started the journey toward joy.

Real joy.

That journey had me doing all sorts of things a desperate person might do. Leaving a marriage. Consulting the psychics, priests, and sages. Getting intimate with my breath. Altering my reality for consciousness sake. The jungle retreat. Mystery mantras. And more.

But I found God & joy in the journey. Well, I first found all sorts of old wounds and trauma underneath many masks. But in and through it all, I began to see MY light. MY worth. MY potential. And, the awesomeness of a loving God.

Sadness may feel like a bastard at times, but if you’re dancing with it, know that somehow it’s beckoning you to square up and face truth.

Become vulnerable. Peel back the layers. Embrace the journey and make a firm commitment to “do the inner healing work”.

Devote yourself to the ways of Jesus. To the healing path. To the Love that wants to envelop you.

Your soul is speaking. Can you hear it? It’s helping you navigate toward truth. Put on your armor and battle.

Battle for the kind of joy that sticks. 

Dominica Applegate
Written by: Dominica Applegate

Dominica Applegate is an author, writer, and transpersonal spiritual teacher. Her teachings have helped millions of people experience emotional healing, relationship repair, and spiritual awakening. Earning her BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling, she worked 12 years in the mental health field before diving full-time into writing.

She runs Rediscovering Sacredness, an online portal that offers inspiration, essays, resources, and tools to help heal inner pain and experience more peace and joy.

Her books include:

Into The Wild Shadow Work Journal
Healing After a Breakup: A 50 Day Devotional & Guided Inner Work Journal
Goodbye Codependency: A 40-Day Devotional to Boost Self-Care
The Pain, It Shapes Her World {Poetry}