Try Proprioceptive Writing to Heal Limiting Beliefs

Try Proprioceptive Writing to Heal Limiting Beliefs


No doubt we all want a better life.

A life filled with more peace. More joy. More money that frees us up time-wise. Better relationships. 

Wonderful intentions, right?

However, peace and joy may be lacking when we aren’t aware of the unhealed wounds festering underneath the surface. When we’re oblivious to the masks we’re parading around.

The inner pain, you know?

This is one reason I encourage everyone to navigate life’s path with boots on and shovel in hand, digging beneath the surface to see what’s really going at the subconscious level.

Going deep.

As a writer, I’m all for exploring with pen in hand. In fact, I tend to be able to drop down deep much better when I’m writing over talking.  Public speaking has always been something that tripped me up.

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 The Power of Proprioceptive Writing

As you’re seeking to get to the nitty gritty of your core beliefs, consider proprioceptive writing. This is a wonderful type of writing that Linda Trichter Metcalf writes about in her book, Writing The Mind Alive. This form of writing is a method for exploring your mind via writing. It’s simple, and anyone can do it!

Proprioceptive writing a powerful tool that will help you connect better with your real self, while dissolving false beliefs that hold you back. You can focus your awareness on parts of you that are wounded, and begin applying healing salve to them.

In other words, you can get to your core and see what’s really going on in the subconscious mind about things like money, worth, people (Mom, Dad, Lover, etc.), and so on.

For example, let’s say you want to see how you’re really feeling about money.  Write the word “money” at the top of a blank page and then write down everything you find yourself thinking. Write down words and sentences. Just let it flow without trying to figure things out. Write down things even if they don’t make sense at the moment.

Proprioceptive writing is great way to explore your psyche, learning to express your thoughts without judging yourself. Without feeling badly. In fact, with curiosity and empathy. This exercise can take you one step closer to emotional health, because it combines your intuition, imagination, and intellect.

Writing Rituals Can Help

Proprioceptive writing a ritual that helps you realize the power that certain thoughts have had in your life.  It gives you clarity as to what’s really going on in your subconscious.  Many people will put on some music by Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, etc. as they write. You can also light a candle and set the kind of mood you’re after – a sacred experience. 

Linda Trichter Metcalf says,  “The desire for the self, the desire not to live a life that doesn’t feel like it’s yours—that’s why somebody might be attracted to this work.”

How to do Proprioceptive Writing

Think about the topics you’d like to write on.  Maybe it’s money, or worth, Mom, Dad, life, love, etc.

  1. Sit in a quiet location. Feel free to light some candles. Burn that sage or palo santo. Have lots of paper handy. Put the date on each piece as you write.


  2. Put on some Baroque music like Bach or Mozart.


  3. Relax by taking several slow, deep breaths.


  4. Take 15 to 20 minutes to write whatever comes to mind. Setting a timer helps. You’re the observer of your thoughts at this point, simply recording them.


  5. Ask yourself, “How am I feeling?” or “What’s the story I am telling?”


  6. Once you’re finished, read what you wrote out loud.

What moved you? What was challenging to hear? What stands out?

Consider doing this in a group, and as you read your writings out loud, allow others to respond, and reflect back to you.

Then, any negative thoughts you encountered, look at them next to God’s view of you.  Next to the divine in you. Do they line up? 

Where do you think those negative thoughts or belief patterns started? Are they yours or did someone hand them off to you? What about your childhood? Did Mom or Dad have the same types of faulty beliefs?

Begin viewing them (the negatives) for the false reality that they are. 

After all, you (the real you as spirit; as consciousness) are not your thoughts!

Feel free to write a new story about the topic you just explored. A story that feels empowering!  Energizing! 

Another great thing about this type of healing writing is that you can do this exercise as often as you like.