Ah, finally you can hand off your content writing to a professional who gets results.


You see, not everyone has the skill set to crank out copy that’s interesting, relevant, and subtly tugs on heart strings.

Or inspire actions…

Like your readers clicking your buttons, bookmarking your page, and getting their hard-earned money out and giving it to you.

Hello. I’m Dominica, professional content and copywriter here to assist you with creative, unique, subtly persuasive lingo that gets you the results you deserve.

Because I know you have wonderful products and/or services to offer humanity.

You’ve worked hard on your end creating them.

Now let me work my “word-smithery magic”.

Allow me to get into the zone in a creative, contemplative manner.

I’ll get to know you, your background, your audience, your competitors, and provide you with authentic, hands-down-some-of-the-best-content you’ve laid eyes on – with some sauce to boot. (Because that’s how we do it here in Louisiana)

Want content that informs, captivates, and grows your business?

Reaches more people? Boosts your wealth? Leisure time? Vacations?  


I’m all in.

Content Writing

Content is different than copy. Content educates, inspires, and entertains your audience. Think content pages (About, Services, Etc.) and articles geared toward helping you rank on Google and establish you as an expert.  COPY is uniquely persuasive and motivates a reader to take action. For a killer online presence that helps you pop up in a search engine, you need both.


Poor copy equals few sales and low bank account. Your business needs to stand out with strategic, persuasive copy from someone who understands the secrets of copywriting.  That’s me, and I’ll write your sales pages, email campaigns, ads, and landing pages to generate leads and pull prospects down the rabbit hole — I mean customer funnel

Blog Articles

Not sure if you should have a blog? Well, blogging regularly gives you a 434% higher chance at getting ranked by Google AND gets you more web traffic. That’s HUGE! Plus, your audience wants to hear from you regularly. They want to know that you’re invested in them, thinking about how you/your products can help them out or provide solutions.