The Pain. It Shapes Her World: A Book of Poetry


THE PAIN, IT SHAPES HER WORLD, is a full-length debut collection of two hundred poems, musings, philosophical rants, and reveries by author and poet Dominica Applegate. Composed during a time of intense self and spiritual discovery, it’s a steady stream of conscious thoughts and emotions evolving from the pain of a broken heart, disillusionment of a perfect life, and hope for a spirit of healing and restoration.

It encapsulates mourning. It dreams magic. It travels through the dark night before the rise of a beautiful dawn. Journey with Dominica at her most vulnerable state, through mountains of pain and valleys of hope. You’ll see grief, you’ll see hope. You’ll see a woman wobbling on life’s tightrope.

Perhaps you’ll bear witness to your own inner struggles as you read, and if so, may you find comfort and healing for your own journey.

This also makes a great gift for anyone who appreciates poetry and has had their own inner struggles.


It’s not easy to share from a most vulnerable state. However, there’s freedom that can come about when we share our stories.

Here is a collection of some of my writings over a very dark and confusing period of my life. A dark night of the soul.

For me, writing helps me heal. It gets that pent up energy (and pain) loosened up and out.

My hope is that you will resonate with the roller coaster of emotions found in this collection. From the dark days to the hopeful days.

Because the dark doesn’t last forever. The dawn comes, dear one, with a glorious sunrise.

Book Details

Pages: 171
Language: English
Format: Print Book