Shadow Work | Inner Healing Work Journal Bundle – 3 Journals!


{Our most popular journals are now offered as DOWNLOADABLE DIGITAL + PRINT PDF, so they are more affordable and you can type your answers in on your tablet, phone, etc.}

THESE ARE PDF DOWNLOADS – Not the physical, softcover versions. The images on this page are what they can look like if you print the PDF and bind or pull up the fillable digital PDF on your iphone, tablet, or laptop. (If you want the physical, soft-cover journals, they are available on Amazon.)

You asked, we listened. We now offer our top 3 personal & spiritual growth journals in a bundle in PDF form. Simply download, print out, or pull up on your iPad, iPhone, or laptop and type your answers in the editable fields.

These 3 journals are perfect if you’re seeking to know yourself better mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, heal, and transform your life.

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THESE ARE PDF DOWNLOADS – Not the physical versions. The images on this page are what they can look like if you bind them or open with tablet/phone. (If you want the physical, soft-cover journals, they are available on Amazon.)

Simply print out the printable PDF or use the digital versions on your tablet, laptop, or phone. Here’s what you will receive:

Which Journal Should I Start With?

Begin with Into the Wild Shadow Work Journal, then work on Tracking Triggers Journal, and then Beyond Shadow Work into the Sacred Journal.

Here is a bit more information about what you’ll receive:

1. Into the Wild Shadow Work Journal

Introducing the perfect shadow work journal specifically designed to assist you in diving deep into the unconscious part of your psyche for exploration. If you’re dealing with things like anxiety, depression, relationship issues, poor choices, codependency, low self-esteem, etc., shadow work can be powerful at getting to the root of such things.

With 60 journal questions and exercises, you’ll be well on your way to discovering the parts of you that you’ve repressed, rejected, or abandoned over the years, calling them back to heal and integrate layer by layer.

The Shadow Work Journal includes:

  • 60 journaling prompts and exercises to help you illuminate shadows
  • 8 full-page gorgeous images + quotes.
  • 83 pages
  • 5 x 11 inches / 216 x 279 mm (Letter Size)
  • 1 PDF print version
  • 1 PDF “fillable” version

2. Tracking & Healing Emotional Journalshadow work tracking triggers download

This emotional health workbook/guided journal offers you the chance to mindfully begin to face, feel, deal, and heal challenging or intense emotions or shadows that have been tripping you up.

Through 40 Shadow Work Prompts and a mindful 5-step “trigger tracking & healing” process, you can actively process stuck emotions/old wounds/shadows one by one as they occur.

It’s the perfect companion to anyone on the shadow work/inner child healing journey.

This helpful resource includes:

  • A brief introduction to healing emotional triggers and the brain and nervous system in relation to triggers.
  • 40 shadow work prompts to help you continue to become more self-aware, trace the roots of triggers, and illuminate what’s asking to be dealt with in your unconscious.
  • 5-Step Tracking & Healing Emotional Triggers worksheets that you use when you begin to feel triggered or afterwards.
  • Various lists and worksheets, including Identifying Core Wounds, Common Triggers List, Core Emotions List, Anxiety Reduction Technique,  “I’m Triggered, Now What” Plan, and Helpful graphics and images


  • 124 Pages
  • 23 “Trigger Tracking” worksheets (Track emotional triggers 23 times, then simply copy and print out more if you need.)
  • 1 PDF version
  • 1 PDF “fillable” version

3. Beyond Shadow Work Into the Sacred Journal

Beyond Shadow Work, Into the Sacred includes 100 journal prompts that point you in the direction of spiritual discovery, growth, and waking up to spiritual reality. The variety of questions will help you dig and reflect beyond the shadows of who you may think you are, as well as understand better what you believe about a Higher Power.guided journal for spirit

If you’ve ever struggled with any of the following questions, here’s a guided journal that can help you navigate your unique spiritual path.

  • Is there a God?
  • What is God like?
  • Hasn’t God been replaced by science?
  • Can I believe in Jesus and science?
  • Is there only one path to God?
  • Why can’t I feel God?
  • Isn’t God just energy?
  • How can I know God better?

There’s no right or wrong here.  You get to rediscover your sacredness, as part of and united with a Divine Sacredness in your unique, beautiful way. And, cultivate a deeper, more meaningful bond with that Essence in a way that makes sense for you.

  • 119 Pages
  • 100 Journal Prompts
  • 1 PDF version
  • 1 PDF “fillable” version


Once I Pay, What happens?

Once you have paid, you’ll be sent an email that has access to the journals. Be sure to check your Spam folder in case it misses your inbox.  Contact us if you don’t receive it.

My PDF Isn’t Letting Me Type In Answers. Why?

If you want to “fillable” PDF, make sure you click on that link. You must have a PDF reader, such as Acrobat PDF Reader, to type in your answers. (It’s a free app) Simply download the app to your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. and open the PDF with the app. Then, you’ll be able to type in your answers. 

Why Are These Journals In Downloadable PDFs?

Our customers asked us to offer a bundle in an affordable way. Downloads save you money and help the environment with less paper, shipping, etc.

Do You Offer The Journals in Softcover Print?

Yes, we offer tangible journals over at Amazon.

What Can I Do After I Print Them Out?

Simply print your journals at home or go to your local printers and ask them to print and bind these journals for you.

What Do I Do If I Can’t Open the PDFs?

Be sure that you have the latest edition of a PDF reader, such as Adobe PDF or Foxit.

Do You Offer Refunds?

Do to the fact that once you’ve downloaded the material, it’s not really returnable. As such, we do not offer refunds on digital downloads. Feel free to check out our wonderful Amazon reviews on the journals before purchasing.


Contact Us For Questions. We’re happy to help!