Shadow Work Guided Journal for Beginners: 365 Journal Prompts to Become More Self-Aware, Heal, & Reclaim Your Wholeness {Digital Download PDF}


THIS IS A PDF DOWNLOAD – Not the physical version. The images on this page are what they can look like if you print the PDF out or pull up the digital PDF on your iphone, tablet, or laptop. (If you want the physical, soft-cover journals, they are available on Amazon.)

Begin your journey into your shadow side to:

  • Get to know your authentic self
  • Boost your self-love and self-care
  • Begin to discover the roots of your biggest wounds
  • Stop looping negative subconscious patterns
  • Begin healing and integrating past trauma
  • See why your relationships are struggling

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You will receive 365 journal prompts divided into six sections:

  1. Self-Care
  2. Self-Love
  3. Relationships
  4. Meaning/Purpose
  5. Spirituality
  6. Digging Deeper

Shadow Work Guided Journal for Beginners Details:

  • An Introduction to Shadow Work
  • Tips For Healing/Integrating Shadows
  • 365 Journal Prompts
  • 206 pages
  • 1 PDF print version
  • 1 PDF digital version that you can type your answers in

Your emotional and mental health matter. This shadow work journal is a great way to dive into your mind to sift and sort it out in a way that helps you experience more peace, joy, and wholeness.


Once I pay, what happens?

Once you have paid via PayPal, you’ll be sent an email that has a link to the journal. Be sure to check your Spam folder in case it misses your inbox.  Contact us if you don’t receive it.

Click on the link. If you want the editable PDF, you may need a PDF reader app on your phone or tablet. There are free ones in the app store.

Why Are These Journals In Downloadable PDFs?

Our customers asked us to offer a bundle in an affordable way. Downloads save you money and help the environment with less paper, shipping, etc.

Do You Offer The Journal in Softcover Print?

Yes, we offer tangible journals over at Amazon. {Learn More HERE}

What Can I Do After I Print Them Out?

Simply print your journals at home or go to your local printers and ask them to print and bind these journals for you.

What Do I Do If I Can’t Open the PDFs?

Be sure that you have the latest edition of a PDF reader, such as Adobe PDF or Foxit.

Do You Offer Refunds?

Do to the fact that once you’ve downloaded the material, it’s not really returnable. As such, we do not offer refunds on digital downloads. Feel free to check out our wonderful Amazon reviews on the journals before purchasing.

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