Hey there. You’re most likely here because you just found out your partner is using drugs or over-drinking or you’ve known for quite a while and you’re over it.  Your hurt, angry, confused, scared, and exhausted.  You may also have some codependent characteristics to overcome, like enabling, control, people pleasing, and caretaking. 

I get it. You need help and you need it now. You need the right set of tools, information, support, and a road map.

This is precisely why I wrote this survival guide – for you to be able to tap into the information and resources you need at this moment. For you to maybe entertain the thought of a different approach to the situation – a higher perspective so-to-speak.  This is about your partner and how you can best support them, but it’s also about YOU stepping into your full power and potential,  re-connecting with your true self, God, and unconditional Love.

This is a chance to heal, grow, and create the kind of life you truly desire.


This is where healing starts.

If addiction or codependency is driving you crazy, here’s a solid plan.

Are you ready to dive in?


My Partner’s An Addict Survival Guide is comprised of eight chapters designed for you if you’re ready to learn how you can best support or help your partner and at the same time, yourself!  

As you work through the chapters, you’ll:

 ➡ Gain more control of your life and not let your crazy emotions rule

 ➡ Tackle that fear that keeps you in a toxic relationship

 ➡ Check in with yourself regarding your needs and wants

 ➡ Set boundaries and keep them

 ➡ Learn how you can best support your loved one

 ➡ Learn how emotional intimacy can create a life full of magic

 ➡ Rediscover who you are and what you really love to do

 ➡ Have access to a private group where you can relate with others


Also included:

 🙂 Printable Worksheets   

 🙂 Journal Exercises

 🙂 Applicable steps

🙂 Prayers


Three Reasons This Guide Is a Best Seller

Excellent Information

You’ll have access to helpful information and videos that will empower you. You’ll also have assignments, worksheets, and links to valuable resources. Think of it as a helpful guide or road map. 

E-mail Support

That’s right. Feel free to email me with questions, or concerns. I remember plenty of times I wished I had someone to reach out to in a hurry! I will respond in a timely manner. I want you to feel that you are certainly not alone.


Community is helpful, so you’ll have access to a private Facebook group, where you can connect with others traveling similar paths. Ask questions, get feedback, give encouragement!  It’s always nice to meet others in similar shoes. 


I’m Dominica, author and recovery advocate, passionate about helping others journey toward wholeness. Combining a B.S. in Psychology, an M.A. in Counseling, and over 15 years working in the mental health field, I’ve spent a great deal of time studying alternative approaches to healing emotional pain and trauma, and my own journey through codependency and depression has served as a catalyst for my own experience of healing and transformation.

Combining the science of neuro-biology, transpersonal psychology, and spiritual growth techniques, I help others identify and re-program self-defeating beliefs. I’m privy to using meditation, mindfulness, prayer, guided imagery, CBT, and other holistic techniques to help others integrate blocked emotional energy and journey toward healing and wholeness.