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Manifest Your Soulmate: A 90-Day Journaling Adventure to Attract Sacred Partnership

Begin your journey to attract sacred partnership and manifest your dream relationship with this transformative 90-day journaling adventure. Start your soulmate journey today

You Deserve Amazing Love!

This journal offers a unique and empowering 90-day adventure designed to help you attract and manifest your ideal soulmate and sacred partnership. Through thought-provoking prompts, self-reflection exercises, and guided activities, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your desires, and your readiness for love.

The daily journaling process not only enhances your self-awareness but also fosters a positive mindset, boosts self-confidence, and aligns you with the energy needed to draw in your soulmate. By the end of this transformative journey, you’ll be well-equipped with the tools and insights to welcome a loving and fulfilling relationship into your life. 


soulmate journal
soulmate journal


Why Not Start Now?

This journal is not just any ordinary journal. It is a tool that will empower you with the necessary knowledge and insights to manifest your ideal partner. With 90 prompts and exercises backed by the law of attraction, “Manifest Your Soulmate” will help you embark on a transformative journey towards understanding your true self and what you truly desire in a partner. It will also help you:

✅ Harness the power of the law of attraction and journaling to manifest your soulmate.
✅ Set clear intentions, identify and release limiting beliefs, and practice gratitude journaling.
✅ Engage in mirror work and act ‘as if’ to embody the qualities you seek in a soulmate.
✅ Dive deep into self-discovery and get to know what you REALLY want.
✅ Stop repeating toxic patterns.
✅ Cultivate self-love, confidence, and clarity in your journey towards love.

Key Features:

✅ 90 insightful prompts
✅ Eight sections blended together to create the ideal recipe for manifestation.
✅ Invaluable affirmations and encouraging notes to keep you motivated throughout your journey.
✅ Unique “Reflection and Tracking” section to record and celebrate your progress.

Benefits of Intentional Journaling

Healthy Processing of Emotions

More Peace & Joy


Amazon Reviews

“Thanks to the ‘Manifest Your Soulmate’ journal, my life has completely transformed. In just 90 days, I gained clarity on my desires, boosted my self-worth, and attracted an incredible partner who truly resonates with my soul. This journal is a game-changer – if you’re ready for love and transformation, don’t miss it!” L. F.

“This journal helped me stop and answer some questions I’ve never even thought about before. Some were easy to answer and others challenged me. I got a lot out of this…getting to know myself better and deal with some of my past that I’d stuffed.” B.M.

“I can’t express how much the this journal has changed my life. This journey guided me to understand myself better, build confidence, and align with the love I’ve always dreamed of. Through its thoughtful prompts and daily journaling, I have discovered a deeper connection with myself and have a partner prospect in sight” H. R.

“This book has become very helpful in my journey to heal from past heartbreaks from relationships. I now have better boundaries and know what I want in a future partner. I recommend! ” B. A.


About Me, Dominica Applegate

I am passionate about helping others heal, grow, and experience more peace and joy. With over 25 years of experience working and writing in the mental health field, as well as a genuine love of journaling, I’ve crafted a series of “wholeness journals” that help people grow stronger and happier.



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