Life Is Not a Test

Life Is Not a Test

I used to like taking tests in school because I thrived on getting good grades. The actual act of studying and having that invested time pay off made me feel super good. Accomplished. Like I was someone important.  I’m figuring out the life is a humongous test or rather, one test followed by another. 

Funny how I don’t love test taking so much anymore. I mean, at least in school I had the material to study. The content. The notes. The book. But where’s life’s study manual? Some would say check the religious writings. I have. I learned a lot of history and how amazing some prophets were, but when it came right down to the study guide + tips for my particular life’s tests, I’ve come up short. (I mean, I cannot find where one Prophet mentions how I can get get more traffic to my website.)

That is until I figured out that life’s tests are not really tests. I don’t actually get a grade for how I handle a particular problem. In fact, grades are optional all together. No. Life is not some test we have to master and problems are not necessary quizzes. It’s alright not to know the answer when something pops up.

Relax. We weren’t hardwired to know it all when we got here. We’re figuring it out along the way.

No rush. No drama. No grades.

When some issue pops up now and I don’t have the answer, I do my best to adopt a positive perspective.  What can I learn here? Who can help me? I’m sure someone else has had to contend with this same situation! I take a deep breath. Get quiet with my soul. Believe that lessons will be learned and if I need a solution, it will come. 

As I do my part, it just so happens that God does His part.

I’m going to tell you something I’ve discovered. We’re never going to “figure it all out.” We’ll never have “all the answers.” And we don’t have to.  When you get caught up in all the questions and concerns, you lose out on enjoying your present moment.  Like what are you enjoying right now? Today? Are you happy that your heart is beating and you can inhale and exhale the breath that sustains you? Are you delighting in your family and friends? Being kind to the cashier? Taking care of you this day?

Practice mindfulness and prayer. Be aware of life right-now-as-it-is-happening. Facing an issue? Problem? Stop striving. No more frantic searches for just the right answer.  Deep breath. Relax. Trust the process. Simplify. Gratify. Enjoy the journey one day at a time.