Life Coaching with Dominica Applegate

Unlock Your Full Potential


How well do you know your true self? Do you like you? Are you wearing masks? Do you practice self-care? Self-love?

Inner Healing Work

Let’s delve into shadow work, attachment style healing, boundary setting, and more.

Life Mapping

Let’s get clear, set intentions, create action plans, and map out the kind of life you truly desire.

Growing Spiritually

Let’s integrate shadows/wounds and move past the ego-identity into your spiritual identity.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

As your coach, I serve as your partner in self-discovery, personal growth, goal-setting and goal-reaching. I am part coach, part mentor, part teacher, and part accountability partner. My goal is to help you discover within yourself the beliefs or issues that are blocking you from getting all you want out of life, and to help elicit from within you your own best solutions or new ways of being to live more of the life you want to live.

What Is Life Coaching?

Encouragement & Motivation

We all need some encouragement and motivation in life. Coaching allows you to feel supported, heard, and seen, as well as receive solid feedback, tips, and more.

Strategizing For A Better Future

Coaching focuses on what’s happening right now, what you want to happen, and how to bridge that gap.

Retrain Your Mindset

Coaching helps you understand current struggles based on old programming, as well as become mindful of the here and now. We explore mindsets and belief systems that may have been keeping you stuck.

Coaching Helps You Become More Self-Aware

We do some inner inquiry as to who and what you truly are.  We explore how well you know yourself mind, body, and spirit.

Live Simply

“It is not your passing thoughts or brilliant ideas so much as your plain everyday habits that control your life….Live simply. Don’t get caught in the machine of the world— it is too exacting. By the time you get what you are seeking your nerves are gone, the heart is damaged, and the bones are aching. Resolve to develop your spiritual powers more earnestly from now on. Learn the art of right living. If you have joy you have everything, so learn to be glad and contented….Have happiness now.”― Paramahansa Yogananda

shadow work and relationships

How It Works

Get Informed

Sessions are 40 minutes for a very affordable exchange of $45. The price is low because I want everyone to have the opportunity to receive help regardless of financial status.


Setup Your First Session

Simply click on the link below to schedule your session. Once you’re scheduled, I’ll send you instructions regarding payment before the session.

Begin Your New Inner Journey

You’ll feel relief when you commit to a season of coaching.  Give yourself a pat on the back!

1 Session (40 Minutes)   $45


Don’t wait any longer to embrace the life you truly deserve. 🌻🌟

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