In Chaos, There Is Fertility

In Chaos, There Is Fertility


“In chaos, there is fertility.” ~ Anaïs Nin

I love this wisdom by Anais Nin.  In a time of obvious chaos around the world, perhaps it can spark some hope in those needing it.

No doubt globally we’re at a turning point in history, with many people asking,

What’s going on, really?

What’s going to happen?

Many are suffering in intense fear, misery, and hopelessness. Of course, this has always been the case, but even more so today.

All around the world, there’s an increase in crisis and chaos. The corona virus is being talked about the most, but there are plenty of other disruptions going on across the globe.  War, famine, poverty, disease, financial ruin, ecological devastation, etc. 

It’s certainly a time of huge volatility.

However, before getting lost in the chaos and fear, understand that out of chaos and crisis can come amazing things. Out of chaos, fertile grounds are being tilled. Horizons are broadening. Perspectives are expanding. Dark nights are giving way to glorious sunrises.

Labor pains birth miracles.

And this is exactly where we are as a humanity on this planet – right now! 

It’s not the first time civilization has faced such intense chaos and it likely won’t be the last. But it’s right now that WE have the opportunity (individually and collectively) to be a part of the birthing process of a new kind of humanity.

A more conscious, evolved, enlightened (aka nice, compassionate, loving, healed, and whole) species!

Can you imagine?

Maybe you feel alone. I know I have in the past, largely isolating at times.  But it’s not the time to isolate. Meditate? Yes. Pray? Yes. Contemplate? Yes.

But isolating breeds fear, depression, and anxiety. 

We need each other, united all around the world with a common vision of peace and restoration of our planet. A vision of love and compassion embodied by the masses, which can bring about the Great Awakening that so many have been believing for since time immemorial.

A consciousness level that blows.our.minds.

I want you to know that there are masses of people from every continent who are waking up. Who have been committed to becoming more conscious (spiritual, enlightened, holy).

This is a “love tribe”.  Global “light workers” that takes seriously their divine roles to help humanity and the world cope with a world in crisis and chaos.

Those that show up for each other – and well, everyone, in powerful, life transforming ways.  

Regardless of your age, background, social status, religion status, sexuality, etc., the world needs you. Wants you. Believes in you.

Whether you’re new on the spiritual path or you’re a seasoned spiritual warrior, it’s time to allow more Light in.  Believe for a higher consciousness level individually and collectively.

It’s time to rethink how you want to show up for yourself, your loved ones, your community, and the world.

Here are some quick tips to help you do so:

  • Take time daily to go within for meditation, silence, contemplation, prayer. Even ten minutes can make a big difference. Your ego part of you won’t want to…so commit to it whether you feel like it or not. Make it a practice.


  • Practice gratitude. We’re here, and that’s something to be grateful for. Plus, I’m sure we all have plenty of things we are thankful for.


  • If fearful thoughts come, become more of an observer of them. Try not to let them consume you or your life. If you need help, reach out.


  • If you watch the news, only watch it in small amounts. Don’t believe everything you hear.


  • Step out and be there for others. Help where needed.


  • Ask your higher power how you can be of service each day.


  • Get connected to others. Grow a strong support network.


  • Commit to a path of spiritual growth, enlightenment, Christ consciousness, waking up, etc.


  • Do what you enjoy.

Dear friends, my prayer is that we allow God to abide with us, in us, as us. That our light becomes brighter, ever stronger, purer, and more in tune with the Source of that Light!

Sending so much love,