Imagine A World Marked With Peace & Love

Imagine A World Marked With Peace & Love

At the onset of the Industrial Revolution around 1700, there were about 670 million people around the world. This was before we started using fossil fuels like crazy, extracting more and more resources from our precious planet.

Now, think of this. It took the planet millions of years to make those resources, slowly forming, molding, etc.

It’s taken “extractioners” a bit over 200 years to almost deplete them entirely.

No More Fossil Fuels

We’ve heard the cries of the environmentalists over the years. Stop raping the Earth. Use natural, sustainable energy sources like the sun and wind. But our economies have been built largely on greedy structures and systems that encourage “more, more, more” each year. And the reality is that that kind of model just isn’t sustainable.

Today, in 2020, there’s over 7.7 billion people and I love them all. However, such a hefty number simply cannot rely on fossil fuels for much longer.

They’re almost gone.

But there’s good news. As humanity has entered a shift in its evolutionary phase, we’re thinking differently. We’re seeing how the old ways (the ways led by greed and corruption) aren’t working. We’re seeing more conscious people waking up and doing life differently – more sustainably.

Collective Consciousness On the Scene

There’s a higher consciousness at play that’s based more on things like creativity, love, compassion, and ancient wisdom. A collective awakening that’s thinking less in terms of “me”, but rather, “we” – and the future.

You see, here in the West where I was raised, I grew up thinking burning fossil fuels was normal. It was the way to go. There was this thought that they’d always be enough, or at least enough for our lifetime.

But what about the future? Our grandchildren? Their children? Are we looking out for them?

The world is waking up to just how interconnected it really is. Via technology and a host of new information in the sciences, many efforts are at work to make this world work more in harmony with other earth and each other. What I find really exciting is that this collective consciousness is growing more in terms of grassroots levels. From the bottom up. More organically rather than based on egoic, selfish “top-down” systems.

Imagine A Sustainable, Blissful Humanity

Can you imagine a world where the majority of people are being led by divine intelligence? Aligned with the ultimate almighty One? Where we truly are waking up each day with a broader perspective? Feeling in harmony with each other and the planet? The cosmos?

A planet that relies on natural resources like the sun and wind for power? Or the leaders allowing those who hold the keys to bringing free energy on the scene? How about adequate income for each person on the planet so no one goes hungry? Everyone has adequate shelter? Safety?

A new story is sweeping the planet – a new story of humanity. One that is not hell-bent on keeping up with the Joneses. One that is not running on old operating systems of fear and scarcity. One that is not afraid to heal and integrate whatever needs healed in the psyche.

Rather, a story where the people wake up to the truth of who they truly are as spirit, as energetic beings able to tap into a divine intelligence and love. A people who take time to go within each day, aligning with peace and joy there, and then showing up on the planet bearing wonderful creative gifts that give LIFE to others and Mother Earth.

Leaders that lead with the heart.

Children that grow up learning the new sciences that are based on love and compassion.

Communities that work together and support one another in sustainable, life-giving ways.

A world that has no borders, no labels, no judgments, no wars. Rather, a world of yes, over 7 billion people, where each person honors and respects each other, understanding that we are all connected as one. That we all want at our very core to love and be loved, and enjoy our journey here on this planet.

These are the kind of things I dream about often. I hope you’ll join me.