6 Tips to Consciously Overcome a Challenge

6 Tips to Consciously Overcome a Challenge


I am faced with a the opportunity to overcome a challenge. Without going into details, even though they are pretty juicy, I’m experiencing more difficulties than I’d like in life right now. Yuck, right?

We all know life doesn’t go as planned. No matter how many success books you’ve read, seminars attended, prayers made to your Deity of choice…. “stuff” happens. Pain, frustration, disappointment, heartache, etc. comes knocking at your door in some form or fashion.

Now, I could stay here in this challenging time and sob my eyes out. Point fingers at all those that I feel are to blame. Call myself every negative name in the book…but I’m not.

I’ve got an opportunity to explore this situation, allow awareness to come, and learn valuable lessons about how to overcome a challenge. After all, challenges always offer opportunity for growth.

So, today, let’s take a look at some characteristics that highly conscious people have when they are facing some sort of challenge or difficulty.

1. Never give up

My ego, or shadow, has had its way the past few days. Grrr. I thought I’d healed that sucker completely. (hee hee) The reality is that I still have a ways to go. But…. in the midst of a challenge, I can surrender the white flag or adopt the attitude to NEVER GIVE UP.

I may stumble around in the dark some, but I’ll never give up on myself. I will dust myself off and keep moving forward. Times can be challenging, dear one, but you have control over your mind, and therefore, your perspective.

  • Sadness will come.
  • Frustration will come.
  • Pain will come.

But you can consciously think, “Hmmm. There’s some valuable lesson I can learn here about myself, others, God, and life. What is it?” Then, start digging. Get real and honest with yourself. Resist the urge to point fingers at others. And…Never give up.

2. Overcome a challenge: Examine thoughts and emotions

Contrast and conflict in a relationship can be brutal. How many times have you had an argument and all the emotions that got stirred in you, YOU took out on the other person? Then, after the conflict was over, and you’ve had time to sit with yourself, you realize you projected some of your own “crap” onto your partner. You, as a conscious human being, realize that the contrast was meant to an opportunity for you to learn valuable lessons about YOU, and maybe heal some wounds, but in the moment, your mind was hijacked by your wounded little boy or girl.

Ugh, right?

Now, as a highly conscious person, relationship challenges (and any challenge, really) is your opportunity to crawl up into your mind and examine what kinds of thoughts are going on there. What kinds of emotions are you feeling? See, the reality is that underneath every negative emotion (or reaction) are “fear beliefs” that are begging you to deal with them. I like to call them “fear beliefs”, because at the very root of them is usually fear of some sort.

Fear of abandonment, fear that you won’t have enough, that you AREN’T enough, fear that you will fail, and so on.

In your challenging times, when contrast or conflict comes, fearlessly make a commitment to examine your thoughts and beliefs, and choose to EXPAND… choose LOVE, choose FORGIVENESS, choose COMPASSION, choose HEALING….

Find the belief that is causing the contrast, so that you can deal with it, and clear it!

3. Refuse to stay in the negative vibrational state

Challenging times usually bring you to a state where you are feeling frustration, disappointment, fear, anger, sadness, and so on. As a highly conscious person, make a decision to refuse to stay in that state. Oh, I know it’s not easy to just flip the script from sad to glad, but if you want to change the circumstances, change your energetic level.

For me, it’s tempting to allow the situation to get and keep me down at times. After all, I lived with a victim mentality for many years, and if I’m not careful, my thoughts will go right back to that sort of mentality.

But…. I’ve also learned that it is usually my past thoughts and beliefs that landed me right smack in this challenging situation, and it’s going to be my thoughts and beliefs that get me out. (Or manifest something different or simply come to terms with the situation and a place of acceptance. )

4. Don’t judge the experience as right or wrong

An experience is just an experience. It’s not necessarily a right or wrong issue. If you’re struggling with something, try not to judge the circumstance or yourself. No right or wrong here. You’re here in this situation (relationship issue, job issue, money issue, health issue) and it’s not about right or wrong. It’s about learning lessons about yourself, God, life, people, and so on. It’s about growing, evolving, expanding, and coming to a place where you can love yourself and others more. Yes, you can learn how to overcome a challenge!

You have a choice in what words you are thinking and speaking to yourself. What are you choosing?

5. Overcome a challenge: Give up on controlling outcomes

As much as I’d like to be in control, I’m not. When I try to control outcomes, I usually end up in a negative state of mind. Why? Because most of the time, it doesn’t turn out the way I want. So, I give up on controlling outcomes. This challenging situation?

Giving up on trying to control it. Oh yeah, I will believe for the best, but I’m not going to base my happiness level on the outcome. Instead, I’m going to align with God, with Love, and I’m going to reach for those things that make me feel happy. I’m going with the flow. I’m attending to my own emotional state instead of trying to control someone else’s. I’m believing that as I detach and let go of expectations and outcomes, my highest good will show up sooner or later. This is a healthy way to overcome a challenge for sure!

You may not understand what the heck is going on right now, but trust that as you focus on ease and flow, you’ll be alright. As you focus on these tips, life will work itself out and you’ll be better for it.

Challenges will come, dear one. And, you can learn to overcome a challenge easy breezy when you practice! Determine to consciously navigate them knowing that you can be gifted with insights, lessons learned, and a strength that you didn’t even know you had! And if they don’t go as planned this time, try again next time.

It’s progress we’re after; not perfection.

This life journey is full of opportunities to learn and grow on all levels. To overcome a challenge consciously can make you feel amazing! My prayer is that you embrace any opportunity for growth, and live a life that is marked with an ever-increasing amount of peace, wisdom, and joy.