For all of us.

For the wanderers. The curious. The confused and weary. The misfits. The curious seekers.

For all of us trying figure out this thing called “’life”.

Welcome, beautiful soul. I'm Dominica, author & writer with a passion to share my experiences + wisdom to help others heal and find their way. In the search for my own answers, and by that, I mean clawing my way through the darkness, I’ve learned that inner pain is recyclable. It hurts like a mutter pucker, but it can teach profound life lessons. It might even give you purpose.

If there’s one thing I’d love for you to know, it’s that I see the "real you" above and below the pain. The you that’s exhausted. The you that would love to say eff it and go “eat, pray, love” all over the world. And also the you that's so amazing the revelation could blow your life wide open on all levels.

And that's my prayer, dear one. That you'll go within to rise. To soar. To ascend higher than you ever thought imaginable. Keep doing your inner healing work, dear soul, re-discovering who you truly are as spirit – smashing all the masks that don’t serve you.

Get quiet. Go within. Stay there a while. Contemplate reality.

It’s time for a new chapter. A new story, weaving the past, present, and future into a beautiful life tapestry. Where pain is healed layer upon layer and recycled into passion and purpose.

Because we came here to experience it all, you know?


Hello Beautiful Soul.

So great to meet you here. I’m Dominica, author & writer keen on all things mystical, spiritual, psychological, or anything that helps us live a more fulfilled, meaningful life individually and collectively.

My life's been a zig-zagging, roller coaster ride. I'm not going to lie. It hasn't always been pretty. But the "mess" is now my message and I'm on a mission to help those that are tired of struggling with inner pain. Those that feel alone. Confused. Frustrated with life.

It's a great joy to help others bridge the gap between emotional pain and authentic, real-deal joy. Turning pain into purpose.

Here, you’ll find all sorts of inspiration, essays, resources and tools I’ve created just for you to dive deep. To feel, heal, and integrate wounds that have been keeping you stuck in emotional hell. Or depression. Or stuck in codependency behaviors.

Dive deep. Do the inner healing work. Embrace, love, and share what you find along your journey.

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Into The Wild Shadow Work Journal

When dark shadows slyly control your life, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Into The Wild Shadow Work Journal is a remarkable resource specifically designed to assist you in diving deep into your subconscious psyche for exploration.

If you’re dealing with things like anxiety, depression, relationship issues, poor choices, etc., Shadow Work is a powerful tool to help you feel, deal, and heal layer upon layer, so you can enjoy more peace and joy along your journey.

Here are 60 shadow work journal questions and exercises to help you discover the light and dark parts of you that you’ve repressed, rejected, or abandoned over the years.

Courageous warrior, get your dig on. Journey deep and reclaim your wholeness.

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Life isn't always a rose garden.

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