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Want content that informs, captivates, and grows your business?

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With 14 years’ experience in crafting content across diverse niches, my work has been featured in reputable publications, such as Very Well Health, Mind Body Green, Daily Motivation, Elephant Journal, Writing StudioSober Recovery, Thought CatalogMedium, and more.

I am eager to collaborate with you to produce compelling and impactful content that resonates with your audience.


Content Writing

Content is different than copy. Content informs, motivates, and captivates your target audience. Consider content sections (such as About and Services) and articles aimed at enhancing your Google ranking and positioning you as an authority. Copy, on the other hand, possesses a distinct power, compelling and inciting readers to act decisively. To achieve a formidable online presence that elevates your visibility in search engines, the harmonious synergy of both is indispensable.

Creative Copywriting

Ineffectual copy results in diminished sales and a dwindling bank balance. Your enterprise demands a distinctive presence with skillful, influential copy crafted by a copywriting adept. I’m the expert you’re looking for, capable of composing compelling sales pages, email campaigns, advertisements, and landing pages, all designed to capture leads and guide potential clients through the intricate journey toward becoming loyal customers.


Blog Articles

Not sure if you should have a blog? Well, blogging regularly gives you a 434% higher chance at getting ranked by Google AND gets you more web traffic. That’s HUGE! Plus, your audience wants to hear from you regularly. They want to know that you’re invested in them, thinking about how you/your products can help them out or provide solutions.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Dominica wrote us a Sales Letter that we're quite impressed with. We'll continue to use her for creating excellent content for our audience.

"Dominica consistently delivers work of unparalleled quality, setting a remarkable standard in our online magazine."

Joan, CEO @ Moxie Digital Studio

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