Faith Is Passive And Active – Resist Being Lazy

Faith Is Passive And Active – Resist Being Lazy

Ask, believe, and receive. We hear this a lot in faith or spiritual circles, and it sounds great, right? Ask for something, conjure up the feelings that you indeed have it already, and bam. You’ll get it. But it doesn’t always work this way.

Sure, Jesus taught this. Great masters have too. But faith isn’t always just asking or demanding one time.

Faith requires action too, but maybe not in the way we think.

Let me use an example.

I’m praying for manifestation for healing for a particular individual. Using the type of prayer that Jesus taught, ask, believe, and receive. I’ve already made the request. I already know God’s will on) the matter. I already believe healing IS this person’s right. 

Now, I believe and I do let it go.  I pray (treat) this person and believe that he is already in a state of healing. I believe this because at the spiritual level, he is. This is passive faith.

Active faith is continuing to pray or treat this person until that healing is a present reality. Manifested.

That requires an active, daily faith where I continue to confess healing and visualize it. I see him healed. I see him believing and accepting his healing. I see him and I sitting in Starbuck having a cup of coffee, because that, to me, symbolizes his healing.

Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for.  The EVIDENCE of things not YET seen.

But what about doubt?

Sure, sometimes doubtful thoughts arise, but I don’t stay there. I don’t entertain them. We’ve got to get real with our faith in this Divine Substance we call Intelligent God. Granted, I’ve had doubt and fear arise within myself plenty of times in my life. It seems easy for our minds to go there to that fearful place – however, with practice, diligence, and a plan to contend with them, we CAN rise above them. And if we can’t, then we should have others in place to call on for support. Those that can hold that faith-filled space for us!

I’ve spent the last few months diving deeper into what it means to “have faith”. Not just passive faith, but active faith. The kind of faith that knows without a shadow of a doubt what Truth is, and is willing to actively live and move and have my being in that! Not seeing with my physical eyes, but my spiritual eyes. Not letting the ways of this carnal world choke out my faith, because bet and believe it will try.

But, friends, we can grow our faith. We can partner with this Divine Intelligence that has so graciously crushed sin (lies, error), sickness, and death – for us! So we can live abiding in God, with God, as part of God while living on this planet (and thereafter)… enjoying love and compassion for ourselves, others, and the world.

Have faith, dear one. Be faith today, and practice faith daily in ways that resonate with you.