Embrace The Beauty Of A Scar

Embrace The Beauty Of A Scar

Everyone experiences pain in life at various time.  We all get hurt. We all go through some pretty rough times. In fact, some of you may be struggling with something painful right now.

Do you have any scars on your body?  A wound that ultimately healed up and left a scar?

If so, then you understand that despite deep cuts, healing can occur, sometimes leaving that mark or blemish.

Physically, most of us have dealt with some bloody wounds, perhaps from falling down, an accident, or surgery. I know I’ve used plenty of band aids throughout my life!

Emotional wounds

Emotionally, we’ve got some invisible scars too, right?  Emotional wounds are caused by all sorts of things, from a break up or divorce to an illness to mistakes made to losing loved ones, and more. But over time, many of those inner wounds heal up too.

It’s those emotional scars I’d like to talk about for a few minutes today. Those invisible scars that we tend to be ashamed of. Those scars that we think make us weak or failures. Those scars that hold us back from fulfilling our potential in God.

Scars as a reminder

However, I encourage you to begin to look at your scars from a new perspective.  View your scars as the reality of God’s grace and mercy to bring us through the tough times.  View them as a victory in yourself and in God.

See, life is painful at times.  We’re going to get cut more than once, and sometimes that pain is going to cause us to writhe in agony.  I’ve found myself in the fetal position writing in emotional agony more than once on this life’s journey.

And, I could have stayed there in that emotional pain. I could have allowed it to swallow me up, become bitter, angry, or hopeless. And at times, I did for longer than I wanted to!

But ultimately, I chose to “do the inner healing work”, trusting that God’s love and grace (unmerited favor) could help me get through.  That God’s goodness could ultimately heal that wound, leaving a scar to remind me of God’s faithfulness.

Just look at holy texts and read the stories of men and women of God who went through some horrific times. Some of them failed big time in the eyes of man. Some of them were lacking faith. Some betrayed their loved ones. Some suffered physical harm.

They could have gotten into self-pity and stopped in their tracks.  Rather, they sought God for healing and restoration. They hit the floor and began praying. Or maybe they meditated. Or sought counseling. Regardless, they allowed that pain to fuel their faith in God and in themselves.

And, so can we.

Pain as a pathway to joy

Whatever your past has been or whatever kind of trial or tribulation you’re going through right now, choose to view your pain as a pathway toward experiencing more of God’s grace and mercy.  More of God’s divine love. Pain as a pathway to healing, and ultimately, authentic vulnerability and joy.

I understand emotional pain, including things like regret, guilt, shame, hopelessness, anger, agonizing loneliness, abandonment, victimhood, and more.

I also understand better God’s will to help us heal, no matter how deep the wound.  Will it take time?


Will it be easy?

Probably not.

But it will be worth you making the effort, because wounds and scars can remind you of God’s unfailing love and mercy for you, and THAT is something, dear one.  That is definitely a blessing.

People need you, wounds, scars and all.  If you stay stuck in your woundedness, you will miss out on opportunities to connect and share with others.  To impact others with your presence, your gifts, your unconditional love.

Because that’s what we all want, right? Unconditional love?

Ooooh, look at this scar!

Listen friends, God can take any wound and turn it into a beautiful scar.

My stretch marks? Ah, a beautiful reminder of carrying my angels in my womb.

My emotional scars? Ah, beautiful reminders of God’s unending love, grace, and mercy for me, even when I abandoned God. Even when I made poor choices. I blew it, but God redeemed me! Restored me! Not so I can boast, but so I can now turn around and help others!

What about you?  Are you letting wounds fester and keep you in misery?  The divorce? The addiction? The loss of your loved one? The job loss? The mistakes made? Those people that hurt you?

Turn it all over to God. To Love. To Mercy.

Allow God to help you THROUGH the pain.  As many have said before, pain is going to occur, but suffering is optional.  This means you can choose to work with God toward healing, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

You do your part, and God will do the rest.

If you need help, reach out. There are counselors, support groups, life coaches, pastors, spiritual directors, etc. that are more than willing to assist you in healing.

You simply have to take that step.

You’re worthy, dear one, of healing. And, healing on all levels is my prayer for you.

Allow your scars to encourage others who are hurting, so that they can heal.

{Need a healing?  Here’s some wonderful affirmative prayers to pray!}