Can We Save The Planet? End Famine? Poverty? The Threat of Extinction? Here’s What YOU Can Do

Can We Save The Planet? End Famine? Poverty? The Threat of Extinction? Here’s What YOU Can Do

As many of you, I spent some years working a job I didn’t really care for. It was alright and paid the bills, but I just wasn’t passionate about it. But the more I woke up to reality and the truth of life, consciousness, the greater plan, the more I started discovering and listening to the inner voice that clearly showed me where my passions were.

And this is the most important thing all of us can do as we move forward creating a better planet for all humanity. 

Find purpose and live out our passions. 

Life is harmony, all parts united and working in order. Even as complex as life (planets, cosmos, humans, etc.) are, there’s harmony. There’s order. 

As I study the new sciences, I’m learning that us, as humans, are encoded almost magically with an inherent desire for harmony. For peace. Barbara Marx-Hubbard calls this the “evolutionary impulse”, and it’s Love in its most magnificent form. 

But as humans with free will, and myself coming from an era that taught me old science that lacked a lot of truth, we can choose to live in a reality that is harmonic in nature or chaotic. 

Unfortunately, through our history, many have chosen chaos, crisis, war, etc. This is a large reason why our planet and much of the population is not doing so well. 

When I first started consciously working with myself and others, really looking at the world at the macro level, it felt overwhelming. The world is pretty effed up in some ways. 

But this passion within wouldn’t let me sit idle. It won’t, because I can envision what the future can be. I know that we can create more harmony, balance, order, peace, joy, abundance. Individually and collectively. 

Thus, I gravitate toward learning about and sharing how rising up in consciousness, waking up, can help us use our creativity and passions in all the field and structures to create a better, safer, and more harmonious future world. Maybe we are in a radical time of change, chaos, and crisis, but if each of us will really take some time to go within and discover our passions, our talents, our dreams, each of us can move forward in service to the collective for the good of all. 

Maybe this means you’ll become a new kind of scientist, or head into the tech field. Or rise up to share with others a vision of what kind of amazing world we can create. You may feel led to start a new career or hobby, help solve problems around the world, or stop doing things you know aren’t serving you at all. You may feel led to pray or meditate for change, start homesteading, or tend to Mother Earth in a new way. 

We’re all called to help birth this new kind of planet, bridging ancient wisdom, science and spirituality. No right or wrong. No judgments. But a simple, heartfelt dropping into our spiritual nature, aligning with Love and Light there, and moving forward moment by moment heeding divine intelligence and wisdom found there.

What are you passionate about?

So be it.