How Can We Show Up For The Hurting?

How Can We Show Up For The Hurting?

In the light of all the natural disasters and violence seen in recent months, I’m sure there’s a lot of heavy hearts all around the world. The devastation of thousands upon thousands of people feeling deep loss, fear, trauma, and perhaps even hopelessness. It’s something that we can’t turn away from. 

We wonder how we can be there for them. What can we do? How can we show up? Granted, there are many things that can be done, and this will vary for each person, depending on various factors. Some will go to the areas that have been devastated, and lend a hand. Some will donate money. Some will open their homes. Some will spend time in prayer. And so on.

Rallying together

It warms my heart to see how people show up in times of trials. In times of devastation. Most people rally together to help those in need. Most people will forget about their own suffering and challenges, which pale in comparison to others. 

There may always be natural disasters and violence on this planet. There may always be challenges and struggle – individually and collectively. I used to struggle a lot with feeling like I didn’t do enough out there for people. I would look at people like Mother Teresa, missionaries, leaders, and so on, and compare myself. I never really felt like I was doing “enough”. Or good enough.

Except for the days I was in the Church. All good and well, except I OVER did it. I was one of those souls feeling as I had to do everything, show up for everything, and fix everyone. Um, being off balance catches up to you. I totally got burned out.

Sometimes that struggle still pops up in my life. I work from home, so I’m not always out there mingling with the people. I mingle with the people online. That’s my job, and that’s my passion. I express myself best through writing. That’s where Spirit seems to move through me in ways that reach people.

At the same time, God has shown me (and people have confirmed) that Presence matters. What I mean by presence is the way you show up for people when you are with them. This is how we can all help heal this planet, and by that, I mean the people living on it.


How can we show up for those in our immediate sphere of influence in light, love, compassion, and patience? Can we show up with a strong presence of the love of a greater power? Or do we feel we have to “do, do, do”?

Can we simply listen? Be?

I had one client who wrote in last week concerned about her friend who was grieving the loss of her mother. This woman seemed to think that because her friend was 40, she shouldn’t be grieving her mother. She wanted her friend to get over it and get back to her normal happy self. I was taken back, because the reality is that the loss of a mother at any age can be heartbreaking. Grief is very normal!

This woman clearly could not show up and be present for her friend and be empathetic. By empathetic, I mean just showing up to listen and be with that person, not rushing them to be happy again. Not trying to fix them. Just letting them be in their grief, and loving them right there where they are. I spent some time trying to help this woman understand what it means to be empathetic, and certainly gave her a link to Brene Brown’s insightful video about the topic.

Bridging the gap between Christianity and Spirituality

I’ve not written very much this year under my own name. I spent a great deal of time ghostwriting for others. It’s been a season of being quiet. Navigating my inner landscape, allowing God to help me begin bridging the gap between Christianity and Spirituality. Allowing me to become more familiar with the leading of Spirit. Allowing me to see the areas in my life that still need some healing.

Patience, compassion, kindness, sacred activism

Those are the things that are on my mind lately. There’s plenty of opportunity to practice such each day. My ego doesn’t always want to, but my soul will always lead me to opportunities to do so.

A lady stopped me in the store yesterday. She’s a former principal and had been laid up at home for the last month due to cancer treatment. Her husband called her four times since she was out, and she shared with me how he was driving her crazy. She said, “Good man, but come on…. Let me have some time!” She talked and talked, and I smiled and listened. She craved that connection, at that moment. I was fully present for her, and I delighted in her being and her spirit. At one point, she said, “Oh you’re probably not even interested in this.” I smiled, and let her know I was very interested and happy to meet her. I let her know that she mattered.

I hope that we can all show up for those who we come in contact with in a way that adds value to their lives. It could just be a smile. It could just be a listening ear. It could be providing someone with something that they need. Offering hope. Taking the time to listen, even if you are in a hurry or crave silence yourself. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race. It’s easy to forget about what really matters in life. It’s easy to let selfishness have its way.

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” When we go inside, when we take the time to really go within and spend time in the “Kingdom”, we’ll be able to better show up in the world ready to spread light, love, compassion, kindness, and patience.

It’s wonderful to find your “self”, but the true essence of self, or spirit, is LOVE. It’s God, however you define God.

I’m obviously writing again. Sharing what I’m led to share. For me, for you, for God’s greater purpose.

Let the Divine Presence lead you today, as you go about your day.

You matter. We matter.

Rest in the beauty of who you are as part of Divinity.