Draw Up A Blueprint

Draw Up Your Blueprint

Without a blueprint, contractors would be up a creek, huh?  Having to build a home without specifications could really cause some headaches and an unsafe dwelling

In the same way, we need a blueprint when it comes to overcoming codependent characteristics. We need to know what we’re dealing with and plan accordingly.

This is where I see many people miss it. They want to stop ending up with people they can’t trust. They want to stop feeling so alone or anxious or insecure. They want to stop their emotional madness when it comes to their loved one lost in addiction.

But they won’t do the work. They won’t take a serious season of their lives and really plan for big changes.  Really roll up their emotional sleeves and get to the nitty gritty there.

Or they’ll do a little bit of work and get frustrated. Say “I tried. Guess I’m just meant to be alone (miserable, broken, etc.)

But listen, dear one.

We’re not meant to struggle throughout life.

There are tips, tools, strategies, techniques, and a powerful God that can help us heal emotionally and learn how to have better, healthier relationships.

One key factor is to create your own unique blueprint or plan for recovery.

Discover your path to emotional, relational, and spiritual healing.

And, I trust that as you continue to move forward here, you’re doing just that!

Now, we’re really going to start digging in when it comes to learning some important things regarding codependency recovery and relationships in general. And, not just learn, but start practicing.

Stay with me. I’m really trying to help you build a strong foundation on all levels.


A blueprint is simply specifications for what one desires. What is it that you want? What is it that you need? (Because what you want and need MATTER)

Today, I want you to write a mission statement for your life. A mission statement is simply a paragraph (or more) indicating your proposed “mission” or intent for this life. It can include your values, goals, wishes, principles, and more.

This can involve your relationships, but be sure that it involves YOU too.

No matter what’s going on right now, I want you to zero in on YOUR wants, needs, and desires. 

Even if you’re facing divorce, your addicted loved one has run off on another binging saga, your family members just aren’t there for you, your partner isn’t trustable, or you must decide whether to stay or leave your current relationship –

This is about YOU.

Mission matters. Your wants and needs for your life matters, so take a few moments and write it out. 

Keep your mission statement handy so that you can see if often. This will encourage you as you continue your journey through life, keeping your mindset on WHAT REALLY MATTERS!

“May trust and gratitude be two of your best friends.”

Go ahead and jot down a simple mission for your life that you can be mindful of each day. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can add to it or change it as you go along.

A simple example is:

“My mission in life is to wake up each day with a deep love for God and myself – no matter what the past has been. I make the intent to learn and grow emotionally, relationally, spiritually. I declare that I will be gentle with myself, knowing that this life is a journey and I’m here to experience EVERYTHING… I aim to be kind to myself and others, speak my truth in a loving way, hold a positive perspective, smile often, dance even when people are watching, and take life as it comes, knowing that in the grand scheme of things, I’m alright. As I do my part, I trust that God will do the rest.”

Now, stand up tall, puff your chest out, assume the “Hero Position”, and own that mission statement. Learn it by heart and feel it in the marrow of your bones. Repeat it often, my dear, because repetition helps your brain re-wire.

Be mission-minded!