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7 of the Best Guided Journals for 2023 + Free Journal Prompts


It’s time to discuss the best guided journals for 2023! Journaling is an ancient practice that has been helping people process emotions and document their lives since time immemorial. Today, modern guided journals offer more than just a blank page to write in, as they provide prompts and exercises to help you focus on your thoughts, feelings, and values. The following are are seven excellent guided journals for 2023, but first, let’s go over what guided journaling is and the benefits of daily journaling.

What Is A Guided Journal?

A guided journal is a type of journaling that uses prompts and questions to help an individual explore their feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Guided journals are often structured around themes such as self-reflection, gratitude, personal growth, and mindful living. The purpose of guided journals is to provide structure and direction for individuals who are either new to journaling or want a more focused approach. It can be used as a tool to get in touch with one’s emotions or reflections on life.

What Are The Benefits of Guided Journaling?

Guided journaling has been a transformative experience for me, and it has changed my life for the better in many ways. Before I started journaling, I struggled to process my thoughts and emotions effectively. I often felt overwhelmed by the demands of daily life and had a tough time sharing my feelings in a healthy way. But guided journaling has given me a valuable tool to help me navigate the ups and downs of life. There are many benefits to daily journaling, including:

Improved mental health: Journaling can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by providing a space for you to express and process your emotions.

Increased self-awareness: By regularly reflecting on your thoughts and experiences, you can gain greater insight into your beliefs, values, and motivations.

Improved problem-solving skills: Journaling can help you clarify your thoughts and ideas, and to identify and explore potential solutions to challenges you may be facing.

Enhanced creativity: Journaling can help to stimulate creativity and inspire new ideas by providing a space for free-form thinking and exploration.

Improved communication skills: By regularly expressing yourself in writing, you can improve your ability to articulate thoughts and feelings effectively.

Greater sense of accomplishment: Keeping a daily journal can provide a sense of accomplishment and progress as you reflect on your goals and achievements over time.


Best Guided Journals for 2023


1. The Five-Minute Journal


This journal helps you start and end each day with gratitude, positivity, and mindfulness. Each morning, you’ll answer questions about what you’re grateful for and what would make the day great. In the evening, you can reflect on three amazing things that happened during the day and how you could have made it better. With this journal, you’ll be sure to start each day off right!


 2.  Into the Wild Shadow Work Journal 


Into the Wild Shadow Work Journal

Among the best guided journals for 2023 is this unique and powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. Into the Wild Guided Journal helps you explore and understand your innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires, and shed light on the unconscious patterns and behaviors that may be holding you back. Through a series of reflective prompts and exercises, the Into the Wild Shadow Work Journal guides you on a journey of self-exploration and transformation, helping you confront and work through your “shadow” aspects in order to heal, grow, and thrive.

Whether you’re looking to overcome personal challenges, cultivate self-awareness, or simply want to live a more authentic and fulfilling life, the Into the Wild Shadow Work Journal is an excellent resource to support your journey.


3. The Self-Care Journal



An excellent journal to keep track of your wellness goals! If self-care is one of your top priorities this year, then this journal will help keep you organized and motivated. It includes daily check-ins with yourself where you rate how well you took care of yourself that day, as well as weekly goals so that progress can be tracked over time. You can also use it for gratitude!


4. Shadow Work: Tracking & Healing Emotional Triggers Mindfully


guided journaling


Among the best journals for 2023 is this one, designed to help you understand and manage your emotional triggers. Emotional triggers are events, situations, or memories that elicit strong, often negative emotions, and they can have a powerful impact on our thoughts, behaviors, and relationships.

This journal offers a structured and supportive approach to exploring and understanding emotional triggers, and to developing strategies for healing and self-regulation. Through a series of reflective prompts and exercises, Shadow Work: Tracking & Healing Emotional Triggers Mindfully guides you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, helping you identify and work through your emotional triggers in order to live a more balanced and fulfilling life. Whether you’re seeking to overcome past trauma, improve your emotional intelligence, or simply want to better understand and manage your emotions, this journal is an excellent resource to support your journey.


5. The Creative Writing Journal

Looking to get creative? I’ve included this in the journals for 2023 because this journal offers up prompts to get your creative juices flowing as well as helpful tips on how to structure stories or poems around them! You’ll also find plenty of room for free writing so that even if none of the provided prompts inspire ideas, there’s still plenty of space to explore whatever comes up in your head!


6. The Happiness Project Journal

A great addition if productivity or goal setting are part of your plans for 2023! This book encourages reflection through daily questions about what makes life meaningful and joyful as well as weekly reflections on lessons learned from mistakes made or successes achieved recently. There’s also an action plan section for tracking goals throughout the year, making it easy to stay focused on all those resolutions come January 1st!


7. The Bullet Journal System

Perfect for anyone who needs a simple yet effective way to organize their life! I haven’t tried bullet journaling yet, but I will! The bullet journal has gained popularity as a method of organizing various aspects of one’s life, such as daily tasks, appointments, goals, and personal reflections. It uses a bullet-point format that is both simple and flexible, enabling users to capture the main ideas they want to remember with ease, without having to write in lengthy sentences or paragraphs.

One of the key benefits of the bullet journal system is its customizable setup, which allows users to tailor it to their specific needs at any given moment. This may involve creating custom symbols or icons to represent different types of tasks or events, using color coding to differentiate between various categories of information, or including specific sections to track habits or goals. This flexibility makes the system ideal for individuals who need a simple yet effective way to organize their life, particularly those who are juggling multiple tasks at once.



What Type of Journaling Is Best For Depression?

Journaling is a great way to help manage depression and boost mental wellbeing. For best results, individuals should focus on reflection journaling – writing their thoughts and feelings in an attempt to gain clarity and understanding of their current mental and emotional state. Writing can help get difficult emotions out into the open, where they can be examined more closely. By recognizing patterns in thoughts, triggers for negative emotions, or signs of progress, people in depression recovery may find themselves better equipped to combat the challenges of depression.


What Type of Journaling Helps Anxiety?

To best manage anxiety, individuals should focus on gratitude journaling – writing out the things they are grateful for on a daily basis. Gratitude journaling helps to shift perspective away from feelings of worry and anxiousness, allowing individuals to focus on what is currently going well in their life. This practice can also help improve mood as it allows individuals to concentrate on the positives rather than overwhelm themselves with negatives.


Best Guided Journals 2023: Conclusion




No matter what kind of journaling experience you’re looking for in 2023—whether it’s more creativity or productivity—there’s sure to be something out there that fits your needs perfectly! Taking some time out each day (or week!) just for yourself can do wonders when it comes to managing stress levels so why not give one (or all) these guided journals a try? You never know what kind of insights might be revealed in its pages once you start writing away.


Free Journal Prompts for 2023

  1. Reflect on the past year: What were your proudest accomplishments? What were some challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?
  2. Set intentions for the new year: What are your goals and aspirations for the coming year? How do you want to grow and improve personally and professionally?
  3. Make a plan: How will you work towards achieving your goals this year? What steps do you need to take and what resources will you need?
  4. Practice gratitude: What are you most grateful for in your life right now? How can you cultivate a mindset of gratitude in the new year?
  5. Reflect on your values: What are your core values and how can you align your actions with them in the new year?
  6. Set boundaries: What are some areas of your life where you need to set boundaries in order to prioritize your well-being? How will you communicate and enforce these boundaries with others?


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