3 Mindsets That Sabotage Abundance

3 Mindsets That Sabotage Abundance


I’m quite proactive when it comes to goal setting. I believe writing down goals and creating action plans (and actually following through) to get there are important. I’m not perfect at this, but I’ve become pretty good at it.

This month, I hit a financial monthly goal I set maybe six months ago.

And, I’m quite grateful.

Now it’s time to create a new goal, as I believe in (and like) progress.

And I should be jumping up and down in excitement, right?

But I haven’t been. Now maybe this has something to do with the fact that I’m smack dab in the midst of menopause, and some days I just wake up…well… not feeling myself. 

But this past week I’ve discovered a couple of mindsets that I thought I’d changed over the years. Mindsets that want to sabotage my abundance, and by abundance, I mean in all areas – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and financial.

Things are going great. Excellent, I must say!  Work’s good, relationship’s good, kids are good, etc.

But eating away at me deep inside is the thought,

“You don’t deserve this. Things are going great, and you, dear Dominica, don’t deserve it.”

And I’m on edge, waiting for the ball to drop.

Waiting for the clients to bail, the company to pull out, the car to break down, etc.

And other thoughts like, “What if things don’t go as planned? What if something happens to me and I can’t work? Then what?

And then my mind races, and I try harder, and I experience stress. And fear.

All of this occurring, mind you, while helping teach a class on The Energy of Money. I mean, aren’t I supposed to be all successful and everything as a co-leader? 

Well, my ego would love for you to believe that’s the case, but the reality is that I struggle sometimes up in that lovely brain.

Finally, I voiced some of these thoughts to Shala, and as I let it out, I felt a sense of relief. 

Just speaking it out loud helped me become more of an observer to those thoughts, rather than sit around and play patty cake with them.

It helped me remember my thoughts are not reality and a mindset is something that can be changed.

Re-wired. It also reminded me that sometimes those old neural pathways will find each other again and try to start running that old, familiar pattern. And if I’m not careful, those old, negative mindsets will be having a field day!

But not today. 

Today, I’m carrying on, intending to be gentle with myself. I don’t have to have everything all perfect, and I AM enough regardless of what thoughts are filtering through this brain.

I’m processing, re-wiring, and working through a couple old programs that snuck up on me!

Now, I want to talk a bit about 3 mindsets that may come and try to sabotage you!  Hopefully you’ll be able to recognize them and not allow them to get a stronghold.

1. “I’ll do what’s easiest.”

This mindset I see work in people’s lives often. They think they’ll do what’s easiest, because that’s the least stressful way, but it comes back to bite them in the long run.  For example, it’s time for me to purchase a vehicle. I love my current one, but it’s 9 years old and ready to retire. Now, there’s this part of me that just wants to do what’s easy. I’d actually like to order one online and have it delivered. Actually, I’d rather someone else do the whole process for me.

Why? Because it stresses me out to think about the research, the test drives, the conversations with sales people, and so on. The process is less than thrilling for me. But, rather than make an impulse buy or irresponsibly make a decision, I realize that I must suck it up and make an informed, responsible decision. And, I will.

2. “I need someone to help me.”

There’s the victim mindset that says to you that you can’t do it alone. That you need someone to save you. I had that mindset for many years, and also did some work to re-wire that script. Still, it creeps in at times, especially if I’m not feeling well physically. I’ll secretly wish someone would just take the wheel and put the pedal to the metal. Get me to where I want to go, and fast! However, I am quick to observe this mindset most of the time, and step into my powerful self. If you fall privy to this mindset, commit to take back your power, knowing that you’re most certainly not a victim.

3. “I am not enough.”

That mindset, “I am not enough”, is one of the most popular negative mindsets going on around the world.  This feeling of unworthiness – it gets me too at times! I forget that I am enough without having to do one more thing. Without having to act a certain way or anything. I am enough, and I am worthy of feeling peace and joy for no reason at all.

And so are you!

Do you ever struggle with these types of mindsets? If so, how do you address them? Do you struggle with them now?

Become a person who is more of an observer of thoughts. When you can investigate the kinds of thoughts running in your mind, you can then line them up next to the TRUTH. The truth of who you are as a spirit of Love.

Of Light.

Affirmations are a good tool, but you’ve got to get beneath affirmations. Get to the root causes. The original print. There, underneath the surface, you can begin re-writing the script or re-wiring those connections. 

It takes time, and it takes practice and discipline. Sometimes you may have to reach out for help, and if so, do it!  You don’t have to go at this life all alone, and you don’t have to let negative mindsets sabotage your life.

I’m choosing peace and joy, even when those old mindsets surface. Maybe not perfectly, but it’s not perfection I’m after.