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If you’ve ever wondered how you can find raw, real, practical personal and spiritual development advice that goes beyond just “positive thinking”, you’ve found that sacred space.

Rediscovering Sacredness is home to articles, essays, e-books, and other resources that help you grow and heal from things like:

~Relationship Struggles
~Feeling numb
~Feeling lost, lifeless, disconnected
~Insecure Attachment Styles
~And more.

In short, we want you to experience a better life on all levels.

Using the latest sciences, ancient wisdom, and spiritual practices, we are dedicated to helping you wake up more and more to your spiritual nature – and experience more peace and joy along your journey.



How Rediscovering Sacredness can help you grow & heal mind, body, + spirit.


rediscovering sacredness shadow work

I understand what it’s like to live drowning in “inner pain”.

I’ve dealt with years of life’s struggles, trials, temptations, poor decisions, etc.

I also know what it feels like to “do the inner healing work” and progressively heal and evolve spiritually.

Here at Rediscovering Sacredness, we are on a mission to bridge the gap between inner pain, trauma, fear, etc. and experiencing healing and wholeness – the kind of wholeness where we feel peaceful and happy for more than just a day or two and then spiral down again.

The kind of “mind, body, and spirit” wholeness where we truly get to know ourselves past the “ego” or “shadow” state.

Where we can live life knowing how to access inner and outer resources for a more peaceful, resilient, fulfilled life.

Self-help is great. Positive thinking and affirmations are helpful, but they only take you so far.

Lasting change – and spiritual awakening – happen incrementally over time.

It takes a commitment to discover your unique “awakening” path and doing your inner healing work along your journey.

Here, you’ll find all sorts of inspiration, essays, resources and tools we’ve created just for you to dive deep.

To feel, heal, and integrate wounds or release stuck trauma that’s been keeping you stuck in emotional hell.

To live a more mindful, happier, and more peaceful life where you actually feel loved and worthy (and therefore, can easily offer that kind of mirror to others).

A note from Rediscovering Sacredness founder, Dominica Applegate

“I’ve spent many decades digging deep on my own inner healing and spiritual awakening journey. The lessons along the way I love to pass onto others.

I’m on a mission to educate, inspire, and foster healing on all levels – mind, body, and spirit.

Turning pain into purpose.

Rediscovering our sacredness may be THE ultimate reason we are here on planet Earth.

I believe it shouldn’t be as difficult as some schools of thought make it out to be.

Practical tools like mindfulness, meditation, shadow work, heartfelt prayers, rituals, ancient wisdom, eastern philosophy, and the new sciences can help us immensely.

But it does take dedication, openness, and consistency.

My background and interests include psychology and counseling (M.A.) science of mind, mystical Christianity, neuroscience, shamanism, attachment theory, and Buddhism.

I am thrilled and humbled by the amazing support I’ve received from readers around the world, with RS enjoying over a million visitors per month.

And, I am grateful for the RS team members, equally dedicated to adding value to humanity.

Dawn Applegate – Administrative, Design

Shala Fontenot – Spiritual Mentorship


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