Hi. I’m Dominica.


It’s nice to meet you here online.

There’s a bazillion things you could be doing right now, so I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me a bit more.

As an author and freelance writer, I spend a lot of time writing. I’ve got over ten years’ experience writing for a variety of niches, with published work at Very Well Health, Mind Body GreenElephant Journal, Writing StudioSober Recovery,Thought CatalogMedium, etc.

I’m also a poet, mother, partner, artist, friend, spiritual mentor, recovery advocate, and conscious, spiritual being walking this zig-zagging path on planet Earth….making the continual effort to WAKE UP, evolve, progress, and so on.

And, help others do the same.  

I am a student of consciousness, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, neuroscience, quantum physics, and more. I am keen on trying to answer deep, existential questions. 

I want people to suffer less.To heal their emotional wounds. To grow up feeling loved with a holy love, give with a grateful heart, and connect with a sacred vision.

I enjoy simplicity. Freedom. The beauty and aliveness of nature. 

Having a meaningful conversation about humanity – past, present, and future.


We Can Make The World A Better Place


I like to track the role that pain and conflict play in enlightenment, conscious evolution. I believe conflict can most certainly be a prop for positive change. 

I am a thinker. A philosopher. A dreamer. The one that enters the room and sits in the back observing for a while before connecting. 

I believe in the power of PRESENCE.  Holy, powerful Love presence, and have been blessed to have people show up in my life that can hold and mirror such a presence. 

I have three glorious, grown children and one adorable grandson, along with a partner, extended family, and friends that light up my world. 

I believe in the power of our stories, and that every story matters. 

Every life matters.

I experienced a pretty big emotional breakdown in my mid-30’s. The balloon I’d stuffed negative emotions in for my whole life exploded and left me feeling heavy shame, guilt, fear, abandonment, anger, anxiety, and depression. 

I’ve spent the last ten years “doing the inner healing work”. I journeyed inside. I faced my pain. I faced my terrifying fear of being alone. I battled for my life. I got help. 

And, all along the way, I was spiritually waking up. Consciously waking up to the reality of who I truly am. Who we truly are collectively. 

And, our purpose!


Our Stories Matter


Today, I gladly share a new kind of story in the hopes that others will resonate and be inspired to keep on, keeping on!

I’m no longer a love-starved, fearful little girl confused about everything. I consistently dig beneath the superficial, tackling the ego and all its lies, uncovering the beautiful, radiant spirit that I truly am. That we all are!

Today, I view life differently – from a cosmic, collective perspective. We are all a part of something greater and there’s so much more in terms of peace, joy, and harmony we can all experience here on planet Earth. 

A new human story is unfolding, and we’re playing a big role at this time in history.  One that humanity has never been conscious enough to experience (that we know of)! And that’s exciting!

We’re in this together – life, that is. And each one of us has something valuable to share that can help bring healing, more peace, and more joy.  Let’s do it. Let’s change this world radically for us and future generations.

To learn more about me, reach out. 

I’d love to connect, and learn more about YOU!