Our Relationships Are Props To Help Us Grow & Evolve. When We Commit To Doing The Inner Healing Work, 

Our parents didn’t have a manual for raising us. In most cases, they did the best they could. In others, they were the blind leading the blind.  

We all come to this planet with amnesia. Sure, we’re cute as hell, but we have no idea how to LIVE. We solely depend on our parents and society to teach us what we need to know to survive and thrive.

The thing is, parents pass on a lot of things to children – and some of those things aren’t so great.

Take my parents, for example.  My dad was an alcoholic and emotionally detached from everyone. My mom was clinically depressed, anxious, and codependent. They had never done the inner healing work that could have turned their lives around. So, they passed some pretty big negative messages onto us as kids. 

Messages like, 

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I’m all alone here.
  • I’m not worthy of love.
  • The world is a scary place.
  • Sadness is normal. 

We learn a lot about love as children, and if we find ourselves struggling with relationships as adults, it’s wise to start digging into the past to see what subconscious messages you grew up telling yourself. 

When did you start splitting off parts of yourself, losing touch with your authentic identity?

What kind of stories did we create to survive?

You see, until we do some inner investigating, negative stories will cause us to repeat patterns that do not serve us well, over and over, at least until we gain some insight and start making some changes. 

This 8-week program is geared to help you if you’re experiencing toxic, codependent, unfulfilling, just plain crappy relationships. 

Have you been jumping from one relationship to the next thinking, “Maybe this is the ONE”? Yet, you end up in the same situations.

If so, then it’s time to put your shit kickers on and start digging deep, excavating your shadow world to see what types of wounds or negative beliefs are manifesting the same ole’, same ole.

It’s time to embrace and commit to doing the inner healing work. To begin an inner journey, taking time to reflect and go within on a journey to track where those wounds began. 

And, learn how you can embrace and heal them, integrating them into yourself so you can feel more whole. Because when you’re showing up more authentic, more whole, you’ll find that your relationships improve on all levels. First, your relationships with yourself, and from there, friends, lover, and humanity as a whole. 

You’re invited to an 8-week journey to begin healing negative relationship patterns

  • Grow personally and spiritually through inner healing and shadow work. 
  • If you are in an unhealthy/toxic relationship and afraid to leave because you don’t want to be alone or deal with the stress, you CAN overcome that fear and end that toxicity.
  • Learn how to check in with yourself regarding your needs and wants and let others know as well.
  • Get more control of your emotions.
  • Cultivate intimacy, the real-deal kind that grows your relationship deeper  
  • Learn better communication skills
  • Attract healthier partners and friends
  • Learn how to set and keep boundaries
  • Cultivate radical self-worth, self-love
  • Discover who you truly are and what type of partner you’d really thrive with
  • Receive support
  • Look to yourself for validation
  • Bring to light what you’ve repressed and/or stuffed for years
  • Learn how to align with your truth and speak it confidently
  • Learn techniques to help reduce anxiety
  • Feel more peaceful and joyful
  • Address draining relationships
  • Identify your inner pain and start to heal there
  • Learn practices that help you become more comfortable in who you are.
  • Become more compassionate
  • Live life inspired by your mission you signed on for before you even came to the planet. The indigenous call this “original medicine”. What medicine can you give to the world?
  • Learn how to hear and be led by Divine Intelligence (your higher power)


 Find a beautiful mission for your life—a blueprint aligned with Divine Love, joining others who are co-creating conscious relationships around the world.  

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