Journey Toward Wholeness

Open your heart, trust the inner work process,
and awaken to your sacredness.

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Hi. I’m Dominica.


I’m an author and mental health professional with over 25 years experience that’s serious about helping humanity heal.

I’m here to offer practical, down-to-earth tools, resources, and support that help you heal your wounds, build stronger relationships, as well as cultivate the power of spirituality (God-power) to create a life you truly love.

It’s time to reclaim and embody your wholeness!

Take some time to check out helpful articles, guided journals, inner healing shadow work eCourse, and videos.

Inner Healing Shadow Work Course


In this course, we explore the “shadow”, or unconscious parts of your psyche, come to understand emotions better, open the heart (and by that, I mean tear down walls you’ve erected around it), regulate the anxious nervous system, and awaken more spiritually.

You will receive 5 modules that include 28 lessons (video and text), exercises, worksheets, journal prompts, guided meditations, and BONUS Into the Wild Guided Journal PDF!

your healing journey starts here…


Here are several articles to get you started along your healing  + awakening journey. Please see the blog for more!




Inner Healing Work: What Is It?

inner healing work shadow work

False Self vs True Self vs Higher Self: What's The Difference?

overcoming fear

Shadow Work 101: Digging Deep

trauma healing

Trauma Survivor? Why Body-Based Therapy Is Essential

Shadow Work: Embrace Your Light


Healing Emotional Triggers

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Happy Journal Customers

“So I have been leading a women’s group and we chose this workbook for 9 weeks of process and connection as we grow. Its been LIFE CHANGING.” H.M.

“Great journal! I’ve realized a lot about me now and how I became the way I am. This is a great tool to start bringing forth the best version of you! ” S.M.

“I just ordered this and started the book. I quite enjoy it. She speaks as if she knows exactly what I’ve been going through. Definitely recommend.” A.B.